Podcasts you need to listen to

Should be titled: podcasts you need to listen to if you’ve never really wanted to listen to a podcast before. It took me a while to jump onto the podcast trend – it didn’t seem like something I thought I would enjoy and I had no idea when I was…

on my wishlist

Floral print ruffle detail wrap crop top
Navy striped culotte shorts
Adolescent Clothing Square Neck Cami With Can U Not Slogan
Wednesday's Girl Wrap Blouse With Waist Tie In Floral Bunch Print
Off White Stripe Bandeau Culotte Jumpsuit
Petite White Stripe Tie Back Jumpsuit
Black Stripe Culotte Jumpsuit
Bershka Suedette Biker Jacket In Sand
Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturiser - Normal/Combination 50ml
Liz Earle Cleanse & PolishTM Hot Cloth Cleanser Mimosa & Angelica Limited Edition
Alpha-H AlphaH Liquid Gold Intensive Night Repair Serum 50ml
Nasty Gal Ready or Dot Wrap Dress
Navy Tropical Print Tie Front Culotte Jumpsuit
Asos Design Movie Leather Mule Loafers
Pull&bear Coord Printed Tie Detail Woven Top

Braving the bardot dress

I have a very love hate relationship with dresses in general – not just bardot dresses. I’m not a huge fan of wearing tights but ‘summer‘ in Scotland is pitiful and you get quite a lot of strange looks if you dare to bare your legs. It’s weird because I…

Personal growth

I’ve never been a particularly confident person. I’ve never been the one to command a room when I walk into it, or take charge of group discussions. It’s just not in my nature. Growing up, I was ridiculously shy. I would avoid speaking to people I didn’t really know out…


I’ve been having a bit of a blog identity crisis recently. I wasn’t happy with the amount of content I was creating, wasn’t happy with my Instagram images being permanently of me on/in bed but lacked the energy and motivation to do anything about it. UNTIL NOW. Just kidding, the…

The Monthly Edit #2

I’m having a very ‘bloggers block’ week this week. I have some ideas but can’t really get anything to come out on the draft, so I’m hoping this ‘review of the month’ is the post that will kick-start my inspiration again. I like that these posts are very word-vomity and…


I’ve always been a dreamer. That’s why I’m so good at creative writing. My head is rooted in the clouds and very rarely am I grounded and thinking about the present. I love to imagine how my life could change; I’m always thinking about the next chapter of my life…

Bloggers in the media #2

It’s been over a year since I wrote the original bloggers in the media post – it was the first ‘lifestyle’ post that I was really proud of and did considerable research for. It really sucks to say that nothing has changed since I wrote that post, and things have…