Hi, I’m Lauren, the creator behind Loulabellerose. I’m 20 and live in Edinburgh, Scotland, with 2 very adorable dogs.

I love to blog about fashion and skincare, as well as share insights into my life in a very raw and real way. I try not to shy away from sharing embarrassing details and like to keep my content as relatable as possible. It helps me to know that if I’m struggling with something, I’m not the only one out there going through that. Not a lot of people like to share online, but hopefully, I share enough to let other people know they have someone else who knows what they’re going through.

Loulabellerose was created originally in 2014, but neglected until May 2016. From then, I’ve blogged regularly every month and sometimes attempted daily blogging – key word being ‘attempted’. It is hell.

I have always loved to write, especially as a child, but couldn’t figure out how to incorporate it into my adult life. My blog keeps my love of writing alive and I’ve found so many new creative skills through it. It almost feels powerful, y’know, to have this little area on the internet created and managed by you. Did someone say girlboss???

My media kit is available on request, and you can reach me via any of my social media sites or at loulabelleenquiries@outlook.com.

I’ve worked with: