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My goals for 2020

My goals for 2020

It’s time! I always love making New Years Resolutions even if i don’t necessarily stick to them or actually achieve them. I, of course, join the bandwagon of people wanting to regularly go to the gym every January and ‘forget’ this resolution by February.

I also like to look back on my goals for the year when it comes to the end of it, just to see how i did. I never remember what goals i actually set myself so it’s fun to look back and remind myself of what a tremendous failure i am.

how i did on my 2019 goals.

  • Get an elephant tattoo. Big ol’ nope on the tattoo front because losing your job does that to you. It’s taken me way too long to decide what to get anyway, i don’t think i would’ve been ready this year!
  • Visit Brighton. Another big nope, but i’ve visited enough other places to not be too annoyed about this one. I’ll get to Brighton one day.
  • Get my second ear piercing. Such simple goals, and yet i still didn’t manage them…
  • Read the latest Seven Sisters book. I did this one! And there’s another new one out for this year as well which i’d love to read soon. I have so many books on my Kindle and in my room that i’m desperate to get through.
  • Go one month spend-free. I haven’t really been keeping track of this but i’d say i managed it – not having a job meant i didn’t really keep track of my spending because i wasn’t spending anything.
  • Dye my hair pink again. My hair has taken a huge back seat for the past year. I genuinely haven’t touched it in a year, and the blonde is looking pretty shit. I’m in desperate need of a refresh.
  • Reach 10k followers on Instagram. I still can’t believe i did this one! It was a pretty big goal for me and i still don’t feel like i’m worthy of 10k followers. I don’t love the content i produce so that definitely needs a big overhaul in 2020.
  • Climb Arthur’s Seat. Of course i didn’t manage this one. I went halfway up Mount Fuji in Japan but haven’t managed the volcano in my hometown. Typical.
  • Pay off my iPad. Another one that i didn’t manage because i lost my job. There’s currently over a grand sitting in my PayPal Credit, £600 of which is my iPad. which is now 2 years old. It’s ridiculous.
  • Buy a Macbook. I’m actually really thankful i did this even though it took me a while to commit to doing it. My Macbook is the best thing i’ve ever bought and i use it every single day – definitely worth it!

my goals for 2020.

  • Save £10,000. This time last year, this goal wouldn’t have even been in my head. But now i think i can do it. Being unemployed for half the year has made me think about money a bit more carefully and i have a proper plan in place for 2020. My part-time job pays for my bills and lifestyle, and my blogging income goes straight into savings. If things go well, i reckon i’ll get this goal and more.
  • Get my elephant tattoo. I have a clearer idea of what i actually want now and once i reach a certain savings target, likely £3,000, i’ll treat myself to it. I’m going to try and make sure i have incentives to save instead of just buying what i want when i want to.
  • Reach 20k followers on Instagram. Providing i don’t have any other crises relating to my Instagram content, stay regular and true to what i enjoy, i think i can do this. I want to go heavier on the realistic, in the moment content and bring back the regular outfit selfies.
  • Go on another press trip. I was gutted that i couldn’t make the second press trip i was invited on, so i would love to go on another one in 2020 to make up for it. Plus, i loved creating content whilst we were out there and i’d love the change to better myself even more in terms of travel content.
  • Earn £1000 from my blog, not Instagram. Almost all the money i’ve made so far has been through Instagram and i would love to start earning on my blog. I’m more about the words than the photos and writing has always been my first love; it would be amazing to have an income from my blog specifically.
  • Pay off my PayPal Credit. Okay, this time i will do it. If i can save £10,000 this year, surely an extra £1000 to pay off my PayPal Credit will be easy…right? Let’s just hope i can manage to keep the side income coming in so i can make all my money related dreams come true.

Every year, when i set these goals, i think ‘oh, they sound attainable. I can totally do this!’. For 2020, i genuinely believe that i can do this. Most of them come down to how hard i’m willing to work, and let me tell ya, it’s really hard. I want 2020 to be the best year.

What are your goals for 2020?

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