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Why i think the instagram fashion culture is unhealthy

Why i think the instagram fashion culture is unhealthy

I think we can all agree that instagram is powerful. We’ve all been influenced one way or another by things we see on instagram, and i find a lot of inspiration on there for homeware, holidays, and, most importantly, fashion. Most of my outfits are tailored to the ‘gram.

Fashion is everywhere on instagram, mostly fast fashion, and it’s difficult to avoid the latest trends if you want to go your own way with your style. There will always be something that you see from Topshop and think, ooh, i quite like that…

My mindset towards fashion and instagram fashion culture has changed dramatically over the past few months. It started with a 10 week fashion detox, and peaked at me losing my job and not being able to afford to buy new clothes anymore.

Being forced to give up my awful fast fashion habits means i think more about what i need; i now shop more sustainably and a lot of my clothes are secondhand. It means i can’t make money on affiliate links, but i would rather promote sustainability.

The issue with the instagram fashion culture is that nobody wants to repeat outfits. I tweeted once that the key to nailing instagram is to never repeat an outfit, or post three photos in a row of the same outfit. We can’t carry on like this.

It promotes such an unhealthy mindset towards shopping, especially if you are also a blogger/instagrammer. I’m guilty of having admired those instagram accounts and feeling like i couldn’t go shoot photos without something new to wear. It ruined my bank account and my mind. 

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My worst nightmare last year would’ve been having to recycle the same set of photos for longer than a week. I would go shoot new outfits every weekend just to have something fresh and i’m not gonna lie, it broke me.

Even now, i feel like if i don’t consistently have new outfits and new content, i’m going to fall behind. But i’ve realised i hate it and i don’t want to be like every other fashion influencer – it’s not sustainable, and sustainable fashion is something we need to promote a lot more.

I do still shop at fast fashion stores occasionally, but i want my focus to be more on sustainable, secondhand fashion. Outfit repeating happens – why should we hide it on instagram? Encourage people to rewear or restyle their existing clothes, not spend a ton on new ones.

How do you feel about the instagram fashion culture?

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  • I do feel the same ‘pressure’ of having to post new everything on instagram each time. And it’s so unnecessary! Not many people wear an outfit only once, so why should we pretend we do? Only in detailed blog posts I share an outfit once, but it’ll go on the gram as much as I want. Fast fashion really isn’t the way to go now. Really loved your insights on this 🙂

    • Thank you! My mindset towards fast fashion has changed so much in the last 6 months. I think i’ve only bought one or two things new in the last little while, and now it seems unnecessary and i can’t even be bothered to go into high street stores now.

  • This is such an important post! I 100% agree with everything you have said. I’m definitely trying to make more sustainable choices in my spending but it’s incredibly hard when you have Instagram and pressures from othe social medias tempting you. B x

    • It’s really hard!! I’ve managed to get past it by checking on Depop for specific items that i want. There’s always going to be dupes and similars out there and if i wait a month or two, that exact item will end up on Depop because that’s how fast fashion tends to go. People get bored after a month when it’s not trendy anymore and sell it! I’m more than happy being a month or so behind on trends if i get it cheaper and it’s more sustainable!!

  • I find instagram in some days can be so inspiring it’s creative outlet inspires me to be creative myself however sometimes I end up judging myself like crazily because my house doesn’t look the same or my outfits aren’t as pristine or ‘stylish’ to the people I see. If we can seperate ourselves from this conditioning then it’s a good thing!

    • Definitely! I need to try and stop comparing myself. I always feel inferior, i’ll think i’m doing a good job and then see someone else’s work and it ruins my mood!

  • I totally agree about the outfit repeating thing! I don’t why people are butchered about re-wearing something. Surely people buy clothes to wear them more than once, right? I wouldn’t take notice of them anyway. This is a very enlightening post, well done!

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