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My 3 favourite ways to jazz up an outfit
This post contains gifted products but all words and photos are my own.

Being sustainable and being creative with fashion goes hand in hand. You need to think of new ways to style your favourite old pieces so they feel new again, and it can be quite a challenge at times. Especially if you’re really not visually creative, like me.

I’ve been gathering a few ways to make old things feel new again and inspire me to shop my own wardrobe more, instead of shopping in actual shops. I figured i’d share a few of my favourite, in the hope that it encourages people to restyle and rewear.


Jewellery can so easily take an outfit from day to night, which is why it makes it to this list. When i had a job (lol), i frequently had to make sure i was wearing something work-appropriate but that could also be spiced up a little for events afterwards.

To do this, i used necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and hair clips. It’s so simple but so effective.

I’m a huge fan of layered necklaces and often wear more than one if i feel like being edgy and cool. I also have a few sentimental ones that i wear for special occasions and a good luck charm in the form of my origami elephant necklace.

I’m a bit fussier with my bracelets and tend to wear ones that hold sentimental value. I have one that was a gift from my cousin for being her bridesmaid and one i bought in Sweden which has Max’s star sign on it; they both get worn a lot.

I like mixing metals with my bracelets and have a rose gold eye that was gifted a while back that looks beaut mixed with silver. I really wasn’t keen on mixing metals previously, but it’s grown on me since i started wearing jewellery more.

Now, let’s talk rings. I wasn’t able to wear rings for a really long time because i’m a nail biter and it’s a habit i’ve never been able to fully kick. It stems from my anxiety – i get nervous, i bite all my nails off. Can’t seem to kick it.

I own a Daisy jewellery ring, which was very kindly gifted to me; they do the most gorgeous rings i’ve ever seen. It makes a statement even by itself.

I’m a fan of wearing a ton of rings at the same time. Like, one on each finger and i mix the metals too. Alongside the Daisy one, my favourites are my moon ring and my snake ring (gifted a few years ago). 


I remember last year, i couldn’t stop talking about how shit i was at layering. I couldn’t do it, had no idea how; and this year, i think i’ve nailed it. It’s like a flip switched in my head and i was like shit, i know how to layer!

It’s my favourite way to change up an outfit – especially summer dresses that would otherwise have no use outside the 3 warm days we get a year. I layer my dresses with both jumpers and trousers, meaning you’ve gotten 3 different outfits out of the one dress.

I found this vintage dress in a charity shop last month, but it quickly became way too cold for it. You could wear it with tights and boots, or layer with a chunky jumper and belt for added cosy points.

You could also tuck the dress into a pair of trousers, but it can be tricky at times to get it to sit flat and not look like a nappy. I use my Depop cord trousers (originally Topshop) for this because they have a lot of wiggle room.

I wouldn’t normally try it with jeans, just because tucked in dresses will show a lot more with skinny jeans, but i have seen it done before! It’s a great way to keep your legs warm and transform a dress into a top. We love multi-functional fashion!

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Similar to the previous point, last year i hated wearing jackets and felt they ruined any outfit. This year, i’ve tried to find jackets that look good but are also functional and keep me warm, and i would say i’ve succeeded.

I used to think jackets had to be really boring and something i could wear with every outfit. Jackets are definitely more of an investment purchase for me and if i buy one, it’s to last me a good few years. More often than not, they’re fully black.

However, this year, checked jackets are all the rage and i just couldn’t help joining in. It’s such a change from my regular boring jackets, but it was needed to make me see that you can actually have a jacket that doesn’t match everything you own and that’s okay.

This jacket is originally from Bershka, but it’s last years stock so i purchased it on Depop. I’m obsessed with it – i think this is my favourite piece of clothing i own and if i love the outfit underneath, it means i have two full outfits i’m in love with.

I no longer feel like my jackets ruin my outfits, but they add something to it instead. A jacket is as much a part of the outfit as your trousers are.

So there we have it, that’s 3 of my favourite ways to add a little something extra to any outfit you’ve fallen out of love with a little.

I’m a huge advocate of rewearing your clothes and sometimes, the smallest change can make a huge difference.

How do you like to jazz up your outfits?

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  • Loving that Dress! It’s incredibly pretty and you wouldn’t believe that you found it in a charity shop. I love jazzing up my outfits with a statement bag. My new Cambridge satchel edition is my new pride and joy in the prettiest navy colour.

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