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The Monthly #5

It’s that time again! Time to struggle to remember everything i’ve done in the past two months so i can write about it and fill you all in on what’s going on at the moment. I enjoy looking back on these posts throughout the year – it really puts things into perspective.

September was the longest month ever. It just felt endless. I don’t think October even stopped for a second, it has whizzed by. I can’t believe it’s November.

press trips

This feels like so long ago that i almost forgot to include it in this round up. Max and i were very kindly taken to Charleroi in Belgium for 5 days with Ryanair! A very crazy opportunity that i’m so grateful for.

I wrote 2 posts on the trip – one about Charleroi city centre and one about Thuin, which is the slightly prettier lake area. I definitely preferred Thuin but give my posts a read to find out which you’d prefer.

I was then invited on a second press trip to Portugal with Jet2 which i, unfortunately, had to back out of and i still regret it. It looked and sounded like an amazing trip and to work with two of the biggest airlines in the UK within two months would’ve been quite the accomplishment.

failed interview

So, why did i give up this press trip, you ask? I got an interview for a job i really wanted and figured i had to go for the interview. I thought i was safe waiting until the last minute to make plans for the trip, but turns out the company i applied to waited until the ultimate last minute to invite me to the interview.

The kicker is i didn’t even get the job. It wasn’t even worth it! I’m extremely upset and making a vow to myself to never give up another opportunity because i’m devastated to have missed out. Who knows what other opportunities that trip would’ve created.

started a hashtag

I’ve wanted to start a hashtag on instagram for quite a while now, but i just didn’t know what do to or what to actually call it. I spent a little while mulling over it, and Max helped me come up with #ShoestringStyling.

To do something ‘on a shoestring’ means to do it on a small amount of money. I wanted to create a hashtag, and therefore a community, around styling on a budget. I’m very into charity shopping and secondhand fashion, and i wanted the hashtag to reflect that.

See Also

I’m really enjoying seeing all the posts and seeing everyone’s bargain buys. Feel free to add it to your hashtag list; i share posts from it weekly!

what else?

  • I have had a surprising amount of paid instagram collaborations this month. It’s been wild, but also great because it takes some of the stress away from me not working right now. Although i am still stressed out my mind about it because invoices never get paid on time.
  • I turned 22! I don’t feel like this year was particularly special, just because everyone else has so much going on and i’m not really in a celebratory mood currently. I still had a lovely time, but it passed so quickly.
  • Max and i celebrated our 5 year anniversary last month. The fact that we’ve been together for so long is baffling to me, and also makes me laugh because it feels like about two minutes. He is my best friend in the world and i can’t imagine life without him, though.
  • We went on a family holiday to Paris, which was good fun. We went to Disneyland, explored Paris and stopped at Boulogne on the way home. The journey was a bit of a ballache, but it’s all about the adventure and the content i got was next level.

I feel like this monthly is so much shorter than all the others! I’ve not been able to go and do much on account of me being broke as fuck and everyone else i know is busy having a life.

December will be exciting because Max and i are going to Japan, and i’m hoping for a few more paid collaborations, or i’ll have to bite the bullet and temp some more so i actually have some money.

Onwards and upwards though, the most difficult year ever is almost over!

How have your months been?

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