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Asking for help doesn’t make you a failure but i still feel like one

I am in one hell of a funk right now. A funky funk. The kind of funky funk that makes you feel…funky. You get me? I just can’t make myself do anything right now. I have a lot of ideas for posts and 42 blog comments to reply to (i am so sorry) but my motivation is non existent.

I originally planned to do a “what i wore this week” to reintroduce myself to blogging and get my mojo back, and then halfway through the week i took a shit turn and didn’t get dressed for two days. So it’s half finished. What i wore for half this week.

I seem to do very well at think pieces with fashion photos. That kind of my “thing”, i guess; taking photos that have nothing to do with the topic i’m speaking about. So that’s what we’re doing today.

I’m writing this on Mental Health Awareness Day and motivational quotes are everywhere. I love a good quote, i have one on my wall next to my bed that i see whenever i come into my room, and one opposite my bed that i see whenever i get out of bed.

It’s a day where everyone kind of comes together and speaks out in support of mental health. We’re told it’s okay to ask for help. Funnily enough, i did just that. And it was really bloody difficult.

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As you’ll probably know, i don’t have a job currently. My life took a bit of a wobble and i’m having to rely on invoices being paid which, as you fellow grammers will know, is a fucking nightmare. I know it’s not the PR/company’s fault but it feels like they will work against you to make sure you don’t get paid quickly.

I know that i’m capable of so much more than i’m putting out there, and i hope publishing this post kickstarts that fire in me again to actually get shit done. I have so many ideas! Autumn fashion is where i thrive and i know i can do better.

It’s much easier said than done, but asking for help is the best thing to do. I’ve been worrying myself sick about everything and just couldn’t go on like that anymore. You have to swallow your pride to keep going sometimes.

What's your advice to people who are too scared to ask for help?

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