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Snapshots from France

Snapshots from France

It’s been quite a month for travel. I really wanted to make September the month of fashion but it turns out we’ve gone for the complete opposite – travel! Today, i’m taking you around our trip to France with more photographs than words.

The travel posts i’m writing at the minute are very word-heavy, as they’re proper travel guides, so i wanted to go easy on this one. I took some photographs i’m really proud of and wanted to share them here!

I’ll do a brief summary of what we did and what you’re looking at, but otherwise sit back, relax, and enjoy the photos.

The stairs in our villa.
The cute fake shops where we were staying.
A kitty cat that we made friends with.
We wandered into Magny-le-Hongre - a beautiful little village.
Future house goals.
Walt Disney Studios is a vibe.
Boulogne-Sur-Mer; where we stayed for our last two nights.
Boulogne-Sur-Mer morning market.
Happiest when by the sea.

Where did you holiday this year?

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