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What if i’m not a badass girl boss bitch?
*and various other #GRLPWR terms

There’s a lot of strong women in the blogging industry. It is completely female dominated, which is rare, and so many women have gone on to do some incredible things because of their savvy business knowledge and ability to adapt to any situation.

They are the real girl bosses, the people that inspire the countless Primark feminist slogan tshirts. I do feel very lucky to be living in a world where, currently, i have so many amazing female role models to aspire to be.

The actual definition of girl boss is unclear to me. I wanna know what makes someone a girl boss, so i can be one. I just wanna be a bad bitch goddamnit. 

For me, i associate the term ‘girl boss‘ with careers. I suppose because of the ‘boss‘ aspect. From the outside, it appears as though these people have always been destined to do what they do. Girl bosses are career driven by nature and i just ain’t.

I’m money driven, i’m not gonna lie. I care what i do as a job to a certain degree but if i enjoy it and it’s good money, i’m more likely to stay. If i hate it, no amount of money or job security is gonna make me stay which now feels incredibly stupid but it’s how i’m able to sit and write this on a Monday afternoon, from my bed. Sigh.

There’s no fictional career ladder i can see myself climbing up, no office with floor to ceiling windows and a doting PA to fetch me iced coffee whenever i demand it (which would be a lot, FYI). And i can’t help but feel bad about it because i don’t want it. But i still wanna be a girl boss.

So, can you still be a girl boss if you don't give two shits about your career? Would you consider the women you work alongside, the admin assistants and receptionists, girl bosses?

I’ve been thinking a lot about what makes you a girl boss. I think just existing in this world makes us all eligible for the title. I feel like a total girl boss bad bitch when i give the guys that wolf whistle the finger. In my head. Too frightened to do it in real life because, y’know, murder happens.

There are a few occasions where i’ve stood up for myself and for feminism and felt on top of the world. It’s as if my body works against me in these moments; i can’t stop shaking and sweating in the moments after. Sweaty girl boss is a vibe, right???

I write on the internet sometimes. Wear a pretty outfit and post it on instagram. I don’t have a job. I don’t want a job. I’m extremely unmotivated and want free money. Doesn’t feel very #GRLPWR when you write it out like that.

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Basically, I’m waiting for my big turnaround moment like Sophia Amuroso when she sort of accidentally founded Nasty Gal and became a girl boss. She even titled her book that. 

None of my posts seem to make any sense anymore because i’m basically brain dumping all these thoughts i have that i can’t force Max to listen to. 

I feel bad because i’m not driven to achieve anything. I don’t feel worthy of a #girlboss title because i haven’t done anything to be blessed with it. Which is stupid because i see literally every other female as a girl boss just for being a woman.

Time to show myself that same love and admiration i hold for other gals.

Who do you consider as a girl boss?

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