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The Monthly #4

Feels like only last week that i was writing up the last edition of these catch-up posts. But also reading the last edition feels like all that stuff happened last year. Although the past two month have gone by so quickly, i can barely remember doing half the stuff i have written down. It’s a strange feeling.

So, summer is coming to an end and it’s been a pretty damn good one. For what started off as a shit situation, i feel like this has been one of the best summers of my life. Let’s dive in, shall we?

I hit 10k followers

Let’s get this one out the way early on; i had set myself this goal for summer but did not believe i would ever achieve it. I didn’t even believe it when it happened. I felt so undeserving of that number, it’s insane.

I still can’t help but feel like my content isn’t good enough. I look at other people who have achieved this goal and think their stuff is so much better than mine. However, i’m getting better at recognising that not every instagram is meant to be the same.

Hopefully people like my style. I try to keep it very “everyday” and attainable, so people don’t look at my feed and think it’s something they’ll never have.

Went slightly off track there…basically, thank you for helping me to achieve such a big goal. It made me so happy, and i need all the happy moments i can get right now.

I signed with a temp agency.

So, i guess we have to talk work. In the last monthly update i did, i wrote about being fired. Still very much without a job, but i don’t care so much. I’ve signed with a temp agency and i’ve found it fits my wants pretty perfectly.

What i want is to make money from my blog. It’s definitely not easy and it’s a slow burner, but temping allows me to create a somewhat regular income for myself whilst i work on building up my intake from creating content.

I’ve done two placements so far – one for a few days and the other for just over 2 weeks. I didn’t make it to the end of the second placement; it was in customer service and i found it a bit difficult. 

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It’s great knowing if i don’t like something, i can phone the temp agency and i don’t have to go back. I’m in no rush for a permanent job – this suits me right now.

The Fringe.

I’m not gonna lie, i find the Edinburgh Fringe a bit stressful. I very rarely go to see anything because it’s so hectic and busy and i get super anxious about it. However, the few shows i did go and see were amazing.

The first was with my besties Belle and Steve – they took Max and i to see Drunk Shakespeare. It’s basically a Shakespeare play but one person is extremely drunk. It was hilarious and we had the best time.

Then, we were invited along to see Honeypot. Honeypot is an all-female production where they take classic fairytales and give them a modern, feminist spin. They covered everything that’s important in feminism, and i left feeling so empowered. Max loved it as well, which meant a lot to me. I think it gave him a fresh perspective on feminism and the issues that are important.

Finally, Sabrina and i were invited into Oliver Bonas to see a comedy show. The wonderful Karen Hobbs put on one hell of a show. It was nice and intimate, and she was bloody hilarious. Definitely an up-and-coming comedian to watch out for.

What else?

  • TRNSMT festival – Max and i were very kindly gifted tickets to TRNSMT Festival in Glasgow last month. I’d never been to a festival before so it was an entirely new experience and i quite enjoyed it! I wrote a post about dealing with festival anxiety which you can find HERE.
  • Frankensteins – We also did a LOT of drinking. It’s summertime though, and all that. We spent a lot of time with our besties, Belle and Steve, and we ended up in Frankensteins bar in Edinburgh where they were doing a singalong of Rocky Horror. It was the best night of my life and something i’ll remember for a really long time.
  • Paid collabs – I worked on a few paid campaigns recently which has made me really happy because it doesn’t happen often. I wrote a post for PetPlan about the bond i have with my doggies, which you can find HERE, and helped promote Papa Johns new outdoor delivery service over on my Insta.
  • Ayr – Waaaay back at the start of July, we went on a little family holiday to Ayr. It was the loveliest little staycation and we got so lucky with the weather.
  • Vix Meldrew workshop – I got to meet the loveliest lady and best blogging inspiration, Vix, at a workshop event in Edinburgh. It gave me a really good idea of where to take my blog and how i can bring it to the next level!

What next?

  • Yoga – I’ve been getting really into yoga recently, but i keep fluctuating with a routine and i’d love to nail that down. It helps me sleep better, i feel good being active and it’s just nice to find something i enjoy.
  • PT – I’m working with a personal trainer for the next little while! He’s helping me get my eating sorted out and i’m doing some exercises that will help strengthen my core. I’ll be doing a few posts about it whilst i go through it all!
  • Japan – So, we kinda booked a BIG holiday. The biggest holiday we’ve ever been on. Max and i are heading to Japan in December, and i am freaking out that i’m not gonna be able to afford it. However, i’m still super excited and can’t wait to experience an entirely new culture.
  • Paris – I’m also going on a family holiday next month, the first in a long time without Max coming along too. We’re getting the ferry to Calais, travelling to Paris, staying in Disneyland, spending a few nights by the coast, then home. It’s going to be amazing.

How has your summer been?

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