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5 ways to wear: dungarees

I have a confession. I am completely and utterly in love with dungarees. Sure, they make me look a little bit like an overgrown toddler and sure, the blue pair i own are way too big…but i just love them. An insane amount.

It all started a few months ago; dungarees had been playing on my mind a little and since then, i’ve not been able to stop thinking about them. Eventually, i bit the bullet and ordered a classic blue pair.

After wearing them once, i decided i loved them so much i ordered a black pair. I needed complete dungaree versatility in my wardrobe.

With everything i order, i try to ask myself – can i wear this with five other things in my wardrobe? If the answer is yes, it’s a justified purchase. Dungarees fall under that umbrella of justification, and today i’m gonna share the five i put together in my head before buying them.


The one i was most excited about, and the one item i didn’t actually own prior to getting some dungarees. Stripes + dungas seem like a very toddler-esque outfit but that’s why it works so well.

I find they work best with the blue dungarees – i bought the striped tshirt with the pink edges specifically for the blue ones because i had ~visions~ of it looking super cute. Don’t get me wrong, it works with black too, but there’s something about pink and blue that i just find totally adorable.

I also have a plain black (or navy, i can never tell) and white striped tshirt because it’s a basic that we should all have at least one of. Outfit repeating ain’t bad when it looks this good.


Now, here’s a thing i didn’t think would work but was actually pleasantly surprised at. Shirts. I have quite a few shirts but i don’t wear them a lot because i don’t feel like they suit me. I have, however, prepared for that to change now that i’m obsessed with them under dungarees.

It all started when i tried on my polka dot shirt with them because i didn’t have a polka dot tshirt and wanted some of those good spotty vibes. It looks totally bomb-ass and i have since tried on every single one of my shirts with each of my dungarees.

Llama shirt? Yup, it’s cute. Leopard print shirt? Of course. Even just a classic white shirt looks amazing under the black dungarees.


This is one that i, annoyingly, can’t wear outside my home just yet because although it’s getting colder, it’s not quite jumper weather yet. However, i am very, very excited to wear various jumper/dungaree combos when it does come.

Especially the rainbow jumper/black dungarees. It’s such a simple outfit but i’m well excited to wear it and add some red accessories. I get a bit bored wearing jumpers and jeans all the time, so this is the perfect way to make it a little more interesting.

Strappy tops.

Ah, one a little more current-weather appropriate and also one i had no idea about until i actually tried it on. It was a risky game, but i think it paid off.

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I don’t normally thing to wear little tops with dungarees, they definitely seem like more of a tshirt/jumper situation, but i thought why the hell not even try it? Turns out, with the right kind of top, it’s kinda cute.

I will admit it’s not a combo that i think i can rock very well, but if you can, more power to you. I find the colourful stripy one (stripes, again, oop) looks a lot better than high neck red sleeveless top but it was worth trying, for sure.


And of course, we couldn’t do this styling post without talking about the easiest, most classic way of styling up dungarees – tshirts. You literally can’t go wrong. Baggy tshirts, fitted tshirts, long sleeves, short sleeves, they all look good.

I like to play around with slogan tshirts and have the slogan just peeking out the top, i think it looks well cool. I also have my three neutral colours that go with both pairs of dungarees, and some more fun, patterned ones. 

It’s the way i choose to style my dungarees the most right now. It’s just so easy and requires minimal thinking but looks so adorable.

I may just be dreaming here but i seriously hope dungarees are the next big thing for autumn/winter. But then i also don’t because i style them so well and i don’t want anyone to steal that from me…A bit conflicted.

What's your favourite way to style dungarees?

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