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What if i don’t want a 9-5?

Oops, i did it again. I filmed a whole chat on this for instagram stories and then decided it would be better as a blog post. Why do i keep doing this??? I think i feel like doing 7 million chatty stories in one go is a bit much, and i do tend to keep talking for ages.

I also feel like i talk about work a LOT. Maybe more so over on instagram, but i genuinely feel like i’m never done complaining about it. I’m also planning a whole post about unemployment so you all have that to look forward to; as if i haven’t nattered on about that enough.

In this essay i will…Just kidding. Kinda. I want to talk about how toxic 9-5 work is in my eyes and what you’re supposed to do if you don’t want to do those hours, like yours truly. If you’re here for an answer, i don’t have one, but if you’re here for an epiphany about why you hate your life and job, i may be able to help.

I have had a 9-5 job since 2017. Not long at all. I did a few 8 hour shifts in Tesco that made me want to die, but i was just part time there so it doesn’t really count. 

I guess it was okay at first. I was quite excited to not have to work any more evenings or weekends and i was buzzing out ma nut to have my own desk. Then i moved to a new job where my hours were 9-6. 

I know people do those hours all the time. The people i worked with had no issue because they lived two minutes down the road. I lived an hour away. By the time i got home, if it was hair wash night, i was fucked. Dinner, bed, repeat. I was a fucking misery.

I’m trying really hard not to sound like a ~special snowflake~ here but those hours ruined me. I cried all the time. I didn’t see my friends. I was tired from having to leave the house at half 7 and getting home at the same time in the evening. 

I am not passionate enough about anything to work on it for 8 hours straight every day. Not a thing.

So, what options do i have? Not a lot, from what i can see. You don’t hear this a lot from people because we know we just have to suck it up and deal with working those hours. But i’m here and i’m saying it: 9-5 work does not work for me.

It’s just like how university didn’t work for me, although that was a little less scary because i knew of people that had chosen not to go as well, and they seemed to be doing okay.

Nobody likes to admit they don’t like the working system set up for us by god knows who, because what can we do about it? We can’t just demand an extra weekend day, even though just 2 days feels super unfair. We can’t change this system, all we can do is try to find jobs that work.

I know the obvious answer is freelancing. I get to pick my own hours and work from wherever suits me. I would love to be my own boss, but realistically, i’m not there yet. Loads of people are probably ready to run their own business at 21 years old – not me.

I don’t even know what i would freelance in. I’m probably not good enough at social media marketing. Definitely not at copywriting. I’d love to be an editor and read books, hunting for mistakes, for a living. It’s just the journey getting there that i’m not sure of.

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So, i’m stuck. I need money, but i don’t want a conventional full-time office job to get it. Temping is alright at the moment because there’s always an end in sight and there’s always a balance. I don’t have to work every day of every week, it’s totally up to me.

The best case scenario would be more and more sponsored posts on my blog and instagram. I don’t want to do it forever, but it would be a lifesaver while i figure out what i want to dedicate the majority of my time and the rest of my life to. Sounds scary when you put it like that.

I hope people understand what i mean. My mum always says school isn’t a one-size-fits-all situation and neither is working. I bet there’s a lot of us that feel like they can’t do 9-5 jobs because we struggle so much, but we’re too afraid to say it.

I never want to come across like i’m ‘better’ because i don’t want a 9-5. If i loved something enough, i would be more than happy to spend my days doing it. There’s just nothing i’m passionate about, nothing that translates into a career path at the moment.

I’m a work in progress, and i’m slowly, but surely, figuring things out about myself that i hadn’t known before. I’m on some bullshit journey to ‘discover myself’ and i can officially say i have discovered that 9-5 work sucks balls and i’m never doing 9-6. Ever. Again.

How do you feel about working 9-5? Thanks Dolly Parton

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