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I achieved my biggest instagram goal yet…what now?

So, let’s talk instagram. again. I feel like i’m never done talking about it, complaining about it, and also celebrating it. Slightly ashamed to say it has taken over my life but i think we’ve all fallen victim to the instagram obsession.

If you don’t already follow me on instagram (which is probably impossible because i go on about it all the time), i very recently hit the big 10k. 10 smackeroonies. Swipe up link central. And i was very, very excited about it.

Probably too excited considering it’s just a number and doesn’t define my worth or my skills or anything but STILL, let a gal be buzzing about this.

However, i want to take a minute to talk about what this actually means to me. I will try not to get too soppy about it because it is just instagram, but i’m quite bad at actually expressing feelings on there so i’m gonna give it a go here today.

Superstar fountain of knowledge Vix Meldrew held an Edinburgh workshop last month, which i was lucky enough to go along to as my BFFL Ysabelle organised it all. We spoke in depth about instagram, brand collabs and content. One conversation in particular is still stuck in my mind.

Vix asked us what 10k followers would mean. How would it change things? What could we do differently? It’s been a number so close to my reach for weeks, and i thought i knew the answer to this question.

I chimed in straight away with “money”. Miss moneybags over here gave possibly the worst impression of herself possible – that she’s all about the money. Everyone else spoke about how 10k followers would allow them to build a community, raise awareness, all that good stuff.

So, to clear things up because i will not be able to sleep until everyone knows that i am not a money whore, let’s take a little look at my thought process there.

I don’t have a job. Technically i am employed by a temp agency and i have occasional work, but i’m not passionate about it and don’t really enjoy it. What i do enjoy is writing and instagram. The dream would be to keep temping but earn more and more money from my blog and insta on the side, until i can give up temping.

I do feel bad that money was my first thought, but i feel like it’s justified with my situation. I feel like 10k means brands take more notice of you and are more likely to offer you payment instead of just on a gifting basis.

To some extent, i know this isn’t totally true. I’ve had paid campaigns well before i hit the golden number, and so have many other people. It’s just how it feels in my head; 10k = money.

Of course i want to build a community. I want to reach more people with my honesty, even though it feels a little terrifying that over 10000 people know i’m unemployed and used to bite my nails, but that’s what it’s all about. I want people to relate.

I also feel like i want to give back now, as so many people helped me get to 10k and i think it would be nice to start raising awareness of some of the other people killin’ it out there.

So, my plan is to do a monthly round-up of my favourite, photos, blog posts, aesthetic accounts and people over on my instagram stories. Having swipe up links means i can link directly to posts i enjoy and it just feels easier to share more.

I know it’s stupid and i should’ve done this before. I’m awful at engaging on instagram and i’m constantly trying to get better, and now is the time.

Reaching 10k gave me a weird sense of self-belief. We all have ropey times with our content, where we don’t believe we’re any good and why the hell would anyone follow us? I’ve been having this internal dilemma even more since i reached that goal.

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Why do i deserve it? Why am i so special that i should reach that number? Why do that many people want to follow me? I didn’t feel like i deserved it at all.

But at the same time, i think i’m actually alright at this instagram stuff now. For someone who takes the majority of photos on her phone and uses a preset, i think i’m doing alright. It still feels a little crazy, though.

I feel justified asking for money now. I feel like it’s okay and i can do that and i’m not being cheeky – i know that it also would’ve been okay when i was at 9500, but it’s about how much i believe in myself to ask the question.

It’s time to set some new goals. New, not number based goals. I want to be more focused on the content i’m actually producing and what messages i’m trying to get across. For so long, i was focused on the number and it distracted me from everything else.

I want to post more frequently and better quality content. I would like to work with more brands that i love – a list i haven’t even bothered making because i felt there was no point. I want to be more candid about my life, if that’s even possible.

Basically i want to be your internet big sister who has already been through shit so you know you can make it. If that makes sense?

You might be thinking ‘why the hell did she dedicate a whole blog post to reaching a number on instagram’ and truth is, i don’t really know. I mainly wanted to clear up the “money” comment and needed a post to publish this week. What ya gonna do?

I also feel like i’ve practically written nothing here. Nothing of value, anyway. It’s just a little snoop inside my brain which will just have to do this week.

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  • Woo congratulations! Instagram has now become such a huge part of blogging (whether you agree with it or not) it’s certainly a milestone to be celebrated! Becca x

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