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What i wore this week #4

The 'half working, half not working, just because i'm bored' edition.

Bit of a confusing edition, i know. But basically, i’ve been really loving outfit planning and outfit selfies recently so i figured it was the best time to do another What i Wore.

This week, i was temping in an accountancy office Wednesday to Friday and just at home on Monday and Tuesday, so it was a bit of a jumbled week. It motivated me to get dressed, knowing at the very least i’d get a great blog post at the end of it.

So, without further ado, here is the long awaited post #4 in my What i Wore this Week series!

Monday 5 August

A bit of a slow day and admittedly i definitely would not have gotten dressed if it weren’t for my last-minute errand-running plans. I chucked together a surprisingly good outfit in three seconds, though.

It’s not been very warm here at all so i thought i’d be safe to get the cord trousers back out – i avoid wearing these when it gets too hot because they hold on to heat and it’s not pleasant whatsoever. They’re originally from Topshop but i bought them secondhand on eBay for £10 a few months ago.

On the top half, i wore a floral blouse i had been lusting over for several months on ASOS before finally deciding to buy it when it was on sale earlier this year. I definitely don’t wear it enough, but the florals definitely compliment the neutral tone of the cords.

I poked some new holes in my classic ASOS circle belt so i could finally wear it with all my high waisted trousers and it cinched me in extremely nicely. Plus, it really is a classic and it jazzes up every outfit.

I cannot stop wearing my Dr Martens boots so i, of course, chose to wear them with this ensemble. I also feel like the red nails add a little oomph – nail colour definitely makes the outfit.

Tuesday 6 August

Today was another slow day and i spent most of the morning watching Glee in bed, waiting for my mum to be ready to go into town to do some errands. I am bloody obsessed with Glee right now.

So, i kinda cut in a fringe last night. Just a wee one, and i didn’t go OTT like i did the last time i cut one in. I freakin’ love it, so much. We’ll see how long that lasts…Now, let’s talk clothes. 

I haven’t worn anything leopard print in the longest time and i definitely haven’t worn this tshirt enough. I was feeling sassy with my new hair so the leopard print was a must.

I paired it with these Topshop straight leg jeans, which i actually bought from Depop, and a red belt to match the red lipstick i chose to wear. Red and leopard print are the best vibe ever.

Of course, i wore my Dr Martens boots, because i never wear anything else and a chunky boot completes any outfit, and then my Cheap Monday denim jacket because summer weather doesn’t exist in Scotland.

Wednesday 7 August

You can tell i was in a rush because i wasn’t sat on my bed properly and instead flung myself across the end…Back to work, clearly! I started my second temp job today at an accountancy firm so i had to dress a little more ‘nice’.

The dress code was ‘smart’ but i don’t really know how to do that, so i assumed my cords would be a safe choice just in case. I also wanted to still feel like me, i didn’t want to feel like some smarty pants office person in a knee length pencil skirt.

These cord trousers are the best thing i’ve ever bought. They are so versatile and i’m finding there’s a lot of things in my wardrobe that go perfectly with them.

I paired them with my polka dot shirt, which i’ve been wearing a lot recently, because i thought it would make up for the fact that cords aren’t totally appropriate for smart office wear. Also this outfit is a vibe.

The rose gold circle belt adds a little extra neutral jazz and i also wore my Docs, of course, which were also not appropriate smart office wear but y’know what, i felt good and that’s what matters to me.

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Thursday 8 August

I was running so late that i didn’t even have time to take a photo in the mirror in my room, so one in the lift just had to do. I also got soaked on the way in, hence the sad face.

I made the mistake of wearing a jumper today because it was pissing rain when i left in the morning. Typically, it cleared up by the afternoon and was roasting. Big regrets. Never trust the weather in the morning.

I’ve worn this outfit a lot in the past, i think it’s even featured in one of the past What I Wore’s. It’s so simply and i just didn’t want to think too hard about what to wear today. Longer in bed is a priority.

I went a bit more casual today because i knew it would be okay after speaking to various people, so i wore some black skinny jeans with my white Monki jumper. I added the leopard print belt so it wasn’t totally boring, and do you even need to ask what shoes i wore???

Friday 9 August

I saw this dress on instagram a few weeks ago and wasn’t able to hunt it down in my local Primark, so whilst out for a drink with some friends on Thursday, I popped into the Edinburgh store and thankfully found it!

It’s a gorgeous high-neck smock dress with little yellow-y flowers – not obnoxious yellow, though. I don’t normally like smock dresses and how they fit on me but i bloody love this one.

It’s the perfect transitional dress, as well – i find it looks super autumnal and can’t wait to wear this when the leaves are changing colour. Which may happen tomorrow since Scottish weather sucks.

I popped a belt on in the morning to cinch in the waist then decided i was too hungover to be restricted and let my belly run free. I did also have some tights on with it though because it is Scotland and it’s cold. It was also raining. Of course.

Tights and boots is my favourite vibe all year round so, obviously, i just had to wear my Docs again. They are the best investment i’ve ever made.

Which is your favourite outfit?

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