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Behind the instagram: outtakes and unseen photos

Waaay back at the start of the year, i wrote a post where i shared all the outtake photos from our trip to Paris. Literally feels like years ago now. Anyway, i intended on it becoming a sort-of series on here and since then, it’s been abandoned.

Ok that’s technically a lie, i did one after my trip to London and one after my summer holiday last year, but i thought it would be fun to share some of the photos that i’ve taken randomly over the course of the past few months.

Some will be outtakes, some will just be general photos i’ve taken and some i will have shared on my instagram stories. I have a lot of photos on my camera roll that i don’t share on my instagram feed because i don’t feel like they “fit”, so what better place to share them than here?

I share a lot of photos of the big fluffy baby, but not a lot of this one. She turned 1 recently and we just had to take some photos! She’s heavy as hell.

This outfit is a vibe. That is all.

A rare Instagram boyfriend in front of the camera! We don’t have a lot of photos together at all so i really love these. Thanks to my best gal Ysabelle for snapping these!

A very drunk Lauren instructing Max on how to take a good outfit photo for me. I have no idea what kind of angle i was going for here.

Also drunk here. Had not realised how bad my drunk eyes are.

Okay last drunk one, promise. This is my good pal Ysabelle i mentioned earlier. Find you some friends who lift you up, literally.

I didn’t want to share these photos because you can see how fucked my spine is and i have a little belly. But whoooo cares?! I mean, probably me because my spine really needs sorting. Oop.

I twirl a lot when we’re taking outfit photos. I also still have no idea how to wear this t-shirt because i am not able to make cycling shorts look good.

So, this was after a gifted blowdry at Charlie Miller in Edinburgh. I didn’t post the photos they took with the studio light because i thought my skin looked like shit. ACNE IS NORMAL!

See Also

We went to Cocktails in the City (gifted) and i somehow ended up with 3 drinks. It was the best.

Burgers AND balloons?? The excitement is overwhelming.

Enjoying some gooooood food at Unity Grill in Ayr. Literally the best chips ever, worth a visit if you’re in the area, mainly to see Alisha but also the chips.

My happy place.

Ending on possibly my favourite photo ever! Playing old video games at the V&A and was sabotaged by a bear driving a car. Don’t ask.

Which of the photos is your favourite?

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