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The pill diaries: 3 months on

We made it y’all! We survived the rocky first three months of a new pill. It was touch and go for a while there and i thought i was gonna pack it all in, but we made it. 

It’s flown by – i remember after i did my initial update, thinking about how excited i was to write the three month update but it seemed so far away. Just shows how quickly this year is going, i guess!

So, three months of Gedarel 30/150. I went on it to clear the acne on my chest, back and shoulders, and also as contraception that i hoped wouldn’t affect my moods as badly as other pills have in the past.

an acne update.

I’ve had my fair share of pills, both contraceptive and antibiotic, to help deal with my acne. And yet, i still expected an instant miracle. Clearly, i never learn. Obviously i know it takes a few months to see any kind of improvement, but i was desperate.

As expected, it didn’t clear up instantly. Or even at all in the first 2 months and i started to lose hope. I was devastated at the thought of not being able to wear pretty little summer tops this year.

HOWEVER, funny story. I got burnt on the balcony one day. Pretty badly, i’m not going to lie. I had put suncream on but not a high enough SPF and it didn’t feel that hot, so i thought i was okay. We all know that’s when you get the worst burns.

So, being burnt meant my skin basically fried off and had to create a new layer. And this new layer was smooth AF. It was like this was the regeneration my skin had been waiting for and the acne on my chest, back and shoulders had miraculously gone. Like, really. It’s gone.

I’m able to wear strappy tops! Low cut tops! All the tops! I’d been working with about 20% of my wardrobe previously, and now i have a whole new selection to work with because i finally feel confident enough to wear it. It’s the best feeling, i can’t stress it enough.

The acne on my face has also cleared up pretty nicely, i just have to really sort my diet out before it fully clears up. I keep eating crisps and really salty food so i keep getting spots around my chin. The woman in The Body Shop told me to drink cranberry juice to help it…which i’ve never heard before so pls tell me if this is true.

Anyway, this pill has been the best i’ve tried for my acne. And i’ve only just come to the end of the three months, so i think it can only get better from here. I hope, anyway! I almost feel confident enough to go out bare faced again. Almost.

my moods.

The things that i was most worried about was my mood swings. They’ve been pretty awful the past few years due to various pills and hormones not working for me, so i was terrified at the thought of going back to being a supreme bitch.

I get pretty bad mood swings because i’m pretty moody normally, and the pill just heightened it and made me 100000x more sensitive to situations that i wouldn’t be bothered by normally. It put a huge strain on my relationships and i did not want to go back.

I would’ve just stopped taking it at the first sign of any negative mood effects, but i actually feel really normal. If anything, this pill has helped regulate my moods more than anything else. I feel more normal and clear-headed than when i wasn’t on the pill.

You know when you just wanna cry because you finally feel like you’re back to yourself again? Yeah, that. I have spent years on various shitty pills that have made me feel like a horrible person, and it’s so damaging for my mental health.

For a good year, if not longer, i genuinely believed i was a horrible person. I kept telling Max to break up with me because i was making our relationship toxic, and i hated myself for ruining everything all the time. I get so sad thinking about those months.

Thankfully, Max is a gem and did not take my advice to dump my ass, and we’re better than ever. I am a normal person. I’m a good person. I’m shit at replying to texts but aren’t we all?


I mentioned in my first Pill Diaries post that i hadn’t had a period since coming off the last pill in December – 6 whole months without menstruating. I was a little scared about how the first few periods were gonna go, not gonna lie.

I’ve had two periods since starting this pill – i took two packs together last month because i was at TRNSMT and didn’t want to be bleeding out my vagina in a field in central Glasgow.

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All was fine, by the way, i didn’t feel any negative effects from taking the two packs together. I know you’re supposed to get that approved by a doctor but ain’t nobody got time fo that.

My periods have been totally fine. I’ve been moody and had shit cramps, but that’s normal for me and for periods in general. The cramps i had this month were crippling and i had to use a hot water bottle, which i’ve never normally had to do.

Apart from that, nothing out of the ordinary. I’ve been getting to grips with using my mooncup, which has been interesting, and generally enjoying my body being back to normal again.

I’ve kind of missed regular menstruation and knowing when my period is gonna come. I don’t enjoy the actual period, but nobody does. Plus, it beats the pregnancy fear any day.

any other pill side effects.

Generally, i’ve not actually noticed anything out of the ordinary. I’ve not gained a stupid amount of weight or anything. I don’t weigh myself but i feel totally fine and happy with my body and my little belly.

I’ve been getting light headed a lot recently – i almost fainted a few weeks ago and generally feel less able to stand up for long periods of time, which is worrying. I’ve struggled with this in the past though so i don’t know if it’s pill related.

I need to get my bloods checked to be sure what it is, i had my blood pressure checked the other day and that’s totally fine and perfect. I’m not too worried about it because it’s not unusual. I’ve suspected an iron deficiency for a few years.

Generally, i am so so happy with this pill. All the side effects everyone else had suffered through were unique to them and it didn’t make sense for me to worry about it. You never know how your body will react!

I just hope the no-side-effects thing sticks around. I would hate to get to six months and everything changes for the worst. I’m just going to enjoy it for the moment, though!

Which contraceptive had you felt the most "you" on?

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  • I think it’s so important to talk about these sort of things! I tried so many different pills and all had various side effects, I never thought I’d find one that I felt ‘normal’ on. I’m glad you’re getting on well with this one. Becca x

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