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Life update: a new career path and why i’ve chosen to temp

Hi, howdy, welcome. I filmed this whole chat for instagram stories and then decided it would be better off as a blog post. So that’s great. But basically, i don’t think many people will know what’s going on now unless you’ve messaged me or we’re pals and i’ve told you.

Side note: i will literally tell anyone anything if they message me to ask. I’m an over-sharer, i live to over-share, so don’t feel like you’re prying if you wanna message me and ask what the sitch is.

If you didn’t know, a month ago (almost to the day) i was “let go” from my job. My mum told me to say that instead of “fired” because fired is a very harsh word and i shouldn’t be so hard on myself, so that’s what we’re going with. I figured it was time for a little life update post!

I’ve made some fairly large decisions recently about my life, my job and just what i want to do for the next half a year. Decisions i actually feel good about, which is rare for me! I just want everyone to know that i feel good about this, so don’t worry about me.

I have officially decided, at the moment anyway, that i no longer want a career in marketing. The experience that i had in my last workplace was so negative that it has put me off marketing altogether. I’m aware they’re spying on my instagram so report back on this, little monkey spies.

They were SO obsessively focused on the number of followers that they had, it was all they cared about. I think for most marketers, we know it comes down to engagement and that’s the number that really matters. They wanted the impossible – they wanted crazy growth in about 2 months.

Social media ultimately comes down to luck. There are things you can do to help gain followers, but it’s especially difficult for a business and going viral comes down to good timing and luck. Something i don’t think a lot of business owners understand.

The whole experience impacted me so negatively. I used to cry in the bathroom multiple times a day because i knew they were asking for the impossible and i knew i was going to be told to leave pretty soon.

They also didn’t try to hide it – they removed me from all their social media accounts 3 hours before they told me to go home. File that under ‘how not to run a business’. I don’t think i’ll ever not be mad about that, tbh.

I actually spoke to someone else who used to work there and they told me their experience was much the same. They were made to feel shit at their job, and they said you can’t let them put you off doing that as a career if you want to.

Unfortunately, it has put me off and i don’t ever want to be in that environment again. I feel nothing but anger when i think about that place and the people there, for how shit they treated me.

So, i’m in need of a new career path. And i’m in absolutely no rush to find it. I don’t really know what i like right now, so my plan is to try as many industries as i can to narrow down my search. And how am i gonna do that, you ask? I’m going to temp for a while.

Temping is basically temporary work. I’ve signed with an agency who arrange temporary receptionist and admin work, and i’m going to do placements with them for the next little while. 

I think some people i’ve told feel like temping is a huge step back. Like, i had a career laid out and i was good to keep going and work my way up there. But i was applying for marketing and communications jobs and was secretly hoping i wouldn’t get it, because i knew i didn’t want to be in marketing anymore.

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I feel really good about my decision to temp. I don’t see it as a step back – i see it as a necessary process to help me figure out what i want to do with my life. I’m mainly motivated by money, anyway, and i just want an easy job that i can leave at the door at 5pm.

I’ll get to try out a number of different industries and will get valuable admin and reception experience. My ultimate plan, once i work out the industry, is to go in from the bottom, as admin or reception, and work my way up. Heck, i might want to stay as a receptionist and that’s okay.

I don’t base my success off my job. I know some people do, and that’s totally fine, but i’ve never been very career driven. I have a job because i know i need one to pay for the things i’d like to do. I base my success off my happiness, and my quality of life outside of work.

So, if anyone is wondering, i’m happy. I’m a little worried about money, which is natural, but overall, i feel good about the decisions i’ve made and the way i’ve handled things. Unemployment is like a right of passage in life, and it’s how you deal with it that’s the most important.

Thank you to everyone who has messaged me over the past month, whether you’re offering advice or asking how i’m doing, i appreciate every single message. You are all angels and i cannot thank you enough for being there for me. It’s made such a difference.

If you want to pop along and have a chinwag about life, or literally anything, feel free to message me on any of these platforms. Except Pinterest because i still dk how that works at all. Otherwise, fire away, and i will share too much about my life with you!

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