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[ad] Life with two dogs
This post is in collaboration with PetPlan but all words, images and stories are my own.

Two years ago, if you had told me my parents would have chosen to get not just one dog, but two, i would’ve called you crazy. It was something i had always dreamed of but knew it was unlikely to ever come true. But here we are!

Our family has totally changed since we made the move from one dog to two – every day is entertaining and it’s near impossible to be bored. There’s always a dog willing to play with you.

Before we get down to it, i just want to stress how important it is to have dog insurance. We’ve luckily had very few issues over the years, but when the youngest pup needed a minor eye operation, having insurance really helped remove some of the stress involved. I would highly recommend checking out PetPlan Pet Insurance!

So, it’s important to remember that not every dog will be suited to having another furry friend. Our first Labradoodle, Kimmi, was born as a lone pup and was never fussed for playing with toys or other dogs. A lone wolf!

A few months after Kimmi passed away, we got Millie. A tiny, ferocious bundle of crazy. She was the smallest of a litter of about 6 and she had to fight her way to the food. She’s never quite grown out of that, which is probably a good thing because dog #2 is SO greedy.

Having grown up with brothers and sisters, Millie was a lot more playful than we were used to. She would constantly be bringing toys over to play tug-of-war, even tennis balls which you wouldn’t think would work, but Millie will find a way. We started to think that a little friend might actually be a good idea.

Enter: Summer. This little weirdo has shaken everything up and shown herself as a real contender for top dog, much to Millie’s annoyance. She was supposed to be a lot more doodle-y, but instead she just looks like a Labrador puppy permanently. 

According to PetPlan’s “Dog Breeds Through Time”, Labrador Retrievers were the most popular breed in the 90s and 00s, and are known for being big-hearted and family-oriented, and our Summer is definitely that. 45% of Brits with a Labrador say their dog is their best friend.

She has the sweetest nature. She’s not too sure how to play with toys with humans, she’s more likely to just show you what she got and run off to play with Millie. She’s not used to playing with us, she’s used to other dogs.

The best thing in the world is watching their friendship and personalities develop. Every dog is different and it definitely becomes more evident when you have two living under the same room. It’s utter chaos, but you have everything you could possibly want.

Millie is extremely cuddly, but she hates for anyone to know it. She still has that fiery personality and she loves to play, especially play fight, but underneath all that she is a big scaredy cat. She loves being top dog, though, and won’t show her soft side very often.

She’s too afraid to go up and down the stairs by herself. She needs help almost every step of the way. We’ve had the vet check her joints and…nothing. She hates the hoover, hairdryer, bin man, window cleaners, pretty much everyone. 

She has the biggest attitude of any dog i’ve ever met. She talks back, she barks for attention and will get mad at you if you don’t play with her. She goes in a huff when she gets told off, much like me!

I think i have a more special connection with Millie because she was the first dog after losing Kimmi. I always feel guilty for admitting this because i love Summer so much, but i find myself and Millie so similar. Well, as similar as we can be for a dog and a human.

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Summer’s personality was a lot harder to work out. She was really timid at first and was a bit unsure of Millie as she was a lot bigger and loved to play rough, but she’s grown into a little firecracker. 

She is the cuddliest of the two, she likes to come into my room to get away from Millie and have a nap. She used to not be able to sleep unless her head was pressed up against you, which meant you were inevitably pushed off the bed after a few minutes but it was still cute.

She copies a lot of what Millie does – barks at who she barks at, plays with toys the same way she does. But she’s totally fearless and will fly up and down the stairs with total disregard to her own, and everyone else’s safety. You have to look out for the flying dog when you’re in our house.

They have a typical sibling rivalry – they play fight, refuse to share and get jealous when one is getting more attention. But when no-one is watching, you can tell they love each other. They’ll kiss each other when the other is sleeping, lie with their heads on each other and comfort each other when they’re at the scary groomers. I love watching their relationship with each other grow.

Having two dogs is a lot harder than having one, especially when they’re so different. Summer is extremely greedy and became mildly overweight from eating all Millie’s food too, because she’s not as bothered about food. It’s hard to walk them without help because they’re both so strong.

One of them barking sets the other off. You go through twice as many toys because one learns the toy-eating behaviour from the other. It’s not for the faint hearted, having two dogs, but it will make your heart double in size.

I can’t imagine my life with just one dog now, unfortunately for Max because when we have a house, we’ll be getting two dogs. I feel so happy when i wake up every morning and remember i have two little fluffy pals waiting for me.

How many pets do you have?

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