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[AD] Brand focus: Hourglass Cosmetics
This post contains products gifted at an event with no obligation to post.

I don’t do beauty content a lot. Which is surprising considering that’s what my blog started off as. I dipped my toe in the lifestyle content water and couldn’t get myself back out, so here’s my attempt at diversifying my content and writing some more beauty posts, starting with Hourglass Cosmetics! 

I don’t do these brand focuses a lot, i think i did one on Glossier after placing a mammoth order there a few months ago, but i rarely bulk buy makeup now.

However, after being invited to an event to celebrate the launch of their new lipglosses, Hourglass sent me away with a pretty special goody bag which meant i was able to bring back the brand focus!

what is Hourglass?

Hourglass Cosmetics is a luxury cruelty-free makeup brand designed to last (hence why it’s named Hourglass). They’ve been cruelty-free since they launched in 2004 and it’s a big part of their message, given that the founder owns and loves horses.

Complexion and skincare are a big focus of the brand; they aim to give everyone great coverage, but still breathable and actually good for your skin. Cakey isn’t a word you associate with Hourglass Cosmetics.

By 2020, Hourglass will be completely vegan. Their research and development is unveiling new and exciting animal-free ingredients that will redefine the cruelty-free beauty industry. 1% of all their profits are donated to Nonhuman Rights Project, an organisation working to secure fundamental animal rights.

first impressions

At the event, the lovely Hourglass ladies did a little makeup tutorial and spoke through all the products they used. Although we were there to celebrate the new lipglosses, we also got to play with their infamous powder, primer and mascara – all of which were included in the goodie bag.

From what i could see, the products are super lightweight but still perform impeccably well. The foundation stick gave amazing coverage, but it still just looked like skin. The powder gets rid of oiliness, but still leaves your skin with a glow.

Given that Hourglass is a luxury brand, it is often out of my price range. Before trying out the products, i hoped the price tag would be justified. The things i look for are how well it’s suited to my skin and how well it lasts.

veil mineral primer - $54 (£42)

So, first up is the Veil Mineral Primer. It’s the first thing i would reach for when doing my makeup routine, so it’s the first thing i tried.

I tried the primer on the back of my hand at the event to get an idea of the texture – it’s so soft and glides on perfectly. I’d say you wouldn’t even need a full pump to cover your whole face, probably half. 

It claims to conceal redness and minimise fine lines, visible pores and imperfections. It’s also oil free, waterproof and has SPF 15. It promises to deliver a lot, but it has the ingredients to do so.

I love the texture of this. I’ve had issues with primers in the past and so stopped using them completely (bad, i know) but this has reverted me back. It feels almost like a second moisturiser, and to test this i used it the morning after using my Mario Badescu Drying Lotion to treat spots.

Normally i end up with dry patches around the spots where i’ve used the treatment, but my makeup was totally fine all day. It stayed flawless and crease-free, which was super impressive.

The foundation i wear (Seventeen Stay Time) is quite heavy so i find it can look cakey in my oilier areas, but the primer definitely stopped that.

In terms of the waterproof claims – the primer apparently makes the rest of your base waterproof as well. I can absolutely vouch for this. I was caught in the worst torrential downpour without a hood or umbrella on the way to work one morning, and my makeup stayed put. I was STUNNED.

veil translucent setting powder - $46 (£36)

The next thing that comes naturally in my makeup routine is the Veil Translucent Setting Powder. The main selling point for this is that it’s formulated without talc; talc in powder sits in your pores and can cause skin issues.

The powder promises to blur imperfections and give you an airbrushed finish whilst still being breathable. The H shaped sifter makes sure you only get the exact amount you need and eliminates all that excess mess.

The ladies at Hourglass spoke highly of the powder, and demonstrated how it can eliminate oiliness without also eliminating your natural glow.

I am a massive fan of this powder, let’s just get that out there right now. I have extremely oily skin so i was a little apprehensive when they said it leaves a natural glow, but it really does. The matte look is on its way out, and this powder is going to be a frontrunner for those looking for a natural set finish.

None of my natural oiliness came through during the day. Not even a little bit. Often, my oiliness separates my foundation on my chin and a little around my forehead, but this powder has kept everything together and looking flawless all day. Not a single touch up was needed. 

I was also testing this for dry patches, as my powder often clings to the dry patches caused by my spot treatment. You’ll all be pleased to know that, like with the primer, everything stayed hydrated and free of dry patches all day.

I think the combination of the primer and the powder together works incredibly well. They are both designed to be breathable and natural, and the rest of my makeup has followed suit although it’s not from Hourglass.

caution extreme lash mascara - $29 (£22)

The favourite of all the girls at Hourglass was the Caution Extreme Lash Mascara. This baby was hyped up to the moon and back, so i was very intrigued to try it.

I don’t get on with mascara. Every single mascara i’ve tried has either left black lines under my eyes (even if it’s waterproof) or not done a thing to help the volume and length. Caution claims to solve all that.

It’s said to deliver length and volume with a 4D Amplifier brush and buildable formula leaves your lashes dramatic but also feeling weightless.

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Remember when i said i don’t get on with mascara? I get on EXTREMELY well with this one. Even i was surprised. I thought it would either not do a damn thing, or smudge like the rest of them. I don’t know what they do differently, but this formula works.

The brush is designed to get the small lashes in the corner of your eye. You know, the ones that cause you rage because whenever you try to get close to them, you leave a black dot on your nose? All of my lashes are coated and it was insanely easy.

It gives them length and volume and doesn’t clump easily, even after a few layers. My favourite part is that it doesn’t smudge on my at all, even after being out in that torrential rain that i mentioned earlier.

I love that this mascara isn’t mega expensive. At £22-ish, i can absolutely afford to re-purchase is when it dries up. It apparently doesn’t dry up at all for at least 3 months, though, so i think i’m set for a while.

unreal high shine volumizing lipgloss - $30 (£23)

Now, this product was why we were at the event a few weeks ago – the Unreal High Shine Volumizing Lipgloss. A lot of brands are bringing out lipglosses right now, which i’ll be talking about in another post so we’re gonna ignore that right now.

It claims to hydrate and provide fuller lips without the stinging sensation. It also says it’s long lasting, which seemed to check out with the Hourglass girls having worn theirs through breakfast with no touch ups needed.

It contains hyaluronic acid, shea butter and avocado oil to provide hydration which actually just sounds like a dream. The custom applicator claims to hold the perfect amount of product so you can just do one swipe and go.

Provoke - a browny nude
Sublime - a pinky nude
Ignite - a sheer pink

I very generously received 3 shades in my little goodie bag – Provoke (mauve nude), Sublime (pink nude) and Ignite (peach with gold shimmer). I mainly wear nudes so i was pretty chuffed with this.

However, i’m not normally a lipgloss girl and i think these will take some getting used to. They aren’t sticky at all, though, which means my hair isn’t get caught in it every 3 seconds.

Lipglosses seem quite high maintenance to me – you couldn’t just reapply another layer on top of what remains of the first. You have to take it off and then apply it again, which is effort for me. 

The shades are gorgeous, though, and for the days when matte just isn’t something i want to put myself through, i’ll definitely be trying out these.

Phew, we finally made it to the end! I’ve been testing these products consistently for over a week now, and i genuinely do use most of them every single day. The price is absolutely justified when you consider they’re cruelty free and amazing quality.

Have you ever tried Hourglass Cosmetics?

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