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Why i’ve changed my mind about IGTV

Like with most trends, when IGTV first hit the scene i wasn’t convinced. I fully believed it was useless, nobody would use it, YouTube was better and it would die after a few weeks. I’m here to tell you that i have changed my mind.

I’m yet to actually do anything on IGTV, but i seem to be watching it constantly. I love the style videos, i love the shorter vlogs, and i love how it’s attached to your existing platform so you don’t have to grow from the ground up again.

I’ve wanted to do YouTube for the longest time. I’ve put a few holiday vlogs up there, but haven’t quite worked up the courage to start making regular videos. It’s a really daunting thought. Plus, i don’t have much of a following over there, so is there much of a point?

The same thing happens every time a social media platform tries something new. We’re all so quick to dismiss it and call it out for being unoriginal and shit, and then 3 months down the line it’s the next big thing.

I remember it happening with Instagram Stories. I thought it was just copying Snapchat and nobody would use it. Turns out, i use it more than both Snapchat and my actual Instagram feed. It totally changed Instagram into a platform that is a lot more fun to use.

I’ve come to expect it at this point. Whatever Instagram does, whichever invention they roll out next, we’ll all slate it for a few months and then become obsessed with it. Except maybe the algorithm changes…

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I think that IGTV is an excellent platform for us creatives who’d like to start dabbling in video content, but don’t feel like they can make the leap to YouTube. It’s so difficult to grow on any platform, but more so YouTube than Instagram. In my opinion, anyway.

I have noticed a lot of “micro-influencers” (not a huge fan of the phrase) using IGTV and it’s really inspiring me. Like with fashion blogging, it’s not something i ever thought i would be interested in but slowly my mind is changing.

With my ongoing Instagram struggle and my realisation that images aren’t my strong suit, i think it’s time to start trying some more new things. If photos don’t work, why not try video?

What do you think of IGTV?

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