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[ad] Celebrating fathers day with moonpig

A few weeks ago i was very kindly invited to a Fathers Day event with Moonpig, the card connoisseurs. Not being one to turn down free alcohol and a goodie bag, i headed over with my good pal Ysabelle to be each others’ honorary dads for the day.  

We started off with some mingling and way too much prosecco, followed by a little introduction from Moonpig about who they are, what they do and how Fathers Day has changed over the last decade or so. We are a lot more likely to buy our dads stupid cards, than sensible ones!

the food masterclass

We were split into groups (and i clung to Ysabelle like you do in primary school and the teacher says “get into groups”) and we headed upstairs to the food area. Being an extremely fussy and squeamish human being, i was hoping for some chicken nuggets and ketchup and was a little surprised when i was met with oysters and scallops and the like.

I did have a go at shelling the oysters, though, because it’s good to try new things! It was tougher than it looked, the chef Andy (from Contini Cannonball in Edinburgh) made it look so easy. I’m super weak and also afraid to use what little strength i have, so he did have to help me a little. 

To my own surprise, i did actually try some of the sauce he made to go with the scallops. I think the 17 glasses of prosecco and no breakfast made me a lot braver than i was expecting. I wasn’t a huge fan, and trying the oysters was definitely a step too far, so i let everyone else do the majority of the eating.


After the food masterclass, we sat down to have some lunch in the restaurant area upstairs. Almost everything served was grown in Contini’s own allotments, and the fish and cheese were all locally sourced. Supporting small businesses in Scotland tastes so much better!

Admittedly, i didn’t eat a lot at lunch. I don’t eat fancy food and stuck mainly to the bread in the hopes that it would soak up all the prosecco i had. However, i can absolutely say that the bread was glorious and i don’t eat bread normally.

personalised cards

After lunch, it was time to head all the way downstairs and get started on a card making workshop. There was a little booth set up with a photographer and a wall of card templates you could choose from – a scene with gorillas, magazine cover scenes, things like that.

I opted for a football club background because my dad is a huge football fan. Actually taking the photos was a lot harder than i thought it would be – for someone who is in front of the camera so much in her daily life, i completely froze and had to be directed. Either too much prosecco, or not enough…

I ended up really not liking any of the photos so when it came to making the card on the Moonpig site, i chose one i thought would represent my dad perfectly. Plus, i have siblings and it didn’t feel fair to have a card with just my face on it! The card i chose is a bank card front, with “Bank of Dad” written on it. I think everyone can relate to that!?

cocktail making

This was the part i was most excited about. In case you didn’t know, i quite enjoy alcohol and a cocktail making masterclass was just the thing i needed after about 90 proseccos. 

The lovely Michael from Edinburgh Gin took us through the different cocktails we were going to be making with Edinburgh Gin’s new full-strength Rhubarb and Ginger gin – the best thing ever, in case you were wondering. 

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Ysabelle and i had the best time making those cocktails. We were both too giggly to listen and put way too much gin in, but it was the most i’ve laughed in a long time. I think the cocktails definitely taste better when made by a professional, but we gave it a fair go! I’d say ending the day clutching my 3 different drinks was a success.

To wind down after cocktail making, Ysabelle, Alisha and i headed back downstairs to finish off our drinks and have a little gossip. This was definitely a highlight of the day for me – we are all so like-minded and get on incredibly well. I was so sad to leave! I could’ve sat drinking and chatting with everyone forever.

When we left, we were very kindly gifted a hamper full of goodies for my dad and i to share. We both know that what really happened is i showed my dad what i was given, then proceeded to eat it all myself. It was delicious. Sorry dad!

I have to say, this event was one of the best i’ve been to in Edinburgh. There aren’t a lot of events that happen around where i live and when they do, they’re often underwhelming. 

The planning that went into this event was insane – everything was so well done and all the staff were super friendly. They kept us topped up with free prosecco, which we all know is the key to my heart.

Huge thank you to Moonpig for organising and inviting me to this event. I had a lovely catch up with some friends and the whole experience was incredible!

If you still need a gift or a card for your dad, i would definitely recommend checking out Moonpig. They've got you covered!

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