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Dressing “like a blogger”

Dressing “like a blogger”

Delving into the wide world of being a fashion blogger is an intimidating step. I swore off fashion blogging for the longest time because it didn’t feel like my ‘thing’, i didn’t consider myself fashionable enough so i figured i’d just stick to beauty and/or rambling about my life.

I wrote a post at the start of 2018 about how i wanted to develop my fashion sense a little bit more, about how i wanted to dress more “like a blogger”. Well folks, it’s only taken me a year and a quarter but i have now realised there is no such thing.

Dressing “like a blogger” to me is not wearing jeans, matching items really well and in a way that you wouldn’t consider. They’re effortlessly good at putting outfits together and experiment with silhouettes which are high-fashion inspired. Basically, they make cheaper clothes look mega expensive because of how they style them.

Upon further reflection, it’s unfair of me to assume that’s all a fashion blogger is. There are so many different fashion bloggers that all have a different style, and they all appeal to different audiences. I can absolutely appreciate the craft that goes into a lot of the more out-there outfits, as well as seeing jeans and a tshirt and thinking, okay, i like the effortlessly chic vibes here.

I saw a tweet a few months ago complaining about how bloggers shouldn’t just wear “jeans and a tshirt” because “that’s not fashion”, and i started to consider it every time i got dressed. Especially for shoots. That’s the kind of toxic culture which encouraged me to keep buying shit i didn’t need, in the hope my fashion would be interesting enough for that one person who tweeted it.

I follow a lot of people on instagram who i admire for their fashion sense. I think some people just know how to style things well and i don’t think i’m one of them. I very rarely step outside my “jeans and a jumper” comfort zone; my idea of brave fashion is a midi skirt.

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The thing about fashion blogging is that it’s so personal. Almost everyone will have a different way of styling the same items. There’s no right or wrong way to do fashion, and i think i got lost trying to incorporate a style i had no idea how to work with into my everyday wardrobe. It’s time to start accepting that my style is not the same as those fashion bloggers i idolise.

Bloggers don’t have an obligation to make every outfit new and exciting. I’m sick of taking hours to think of what outfits to shoot because i don’t have anything “new” and all my outfits recently have consisted of jeans and a tshirt. If Queer Eye has taught us anything, it should be that jeans and a tshirt is a classic banger of an outfit.

In hindsight, i don’t really know where i was going with this post. It was very much a “7pm genius” idea and for once, i just let my brain roll with it instead of trying to meticulously plan what i was going to say. Unsure how i feel about this method.

What do you consider as dressing “like a blogger”?

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  • I’ve thought the same for a long time and felt like I don’t have the wardrobe or creativity to do fashion blogging. I’m starting to think I’d like to try more! I really admire your blog and Instagram.. thank you for this encouraging post 🙂

    Jessica |

    • Thank you so much! I just can’t be bothered sometimes, I think that sense of fashion is something that comes naturally to all the fashion bloggers I admire, and I don’t have the time in the morning to be creative!

  • Dressing like a blogger is wearing all the latest trends, the milkmaid style top, beige fishnet style bag or wooden bag, floppy hat or pointy sunglasses, slip on leopard print sliders, midi skirt, crop top and biker boots. Basically, the new in of Primark or ASOS. I often feel like I don’t fit the bill because I don’t wear those things, I mean I’d like to but I spend most of my time in gym wear or my work uniform and only really wear “proper clothes” for nights out. I imagine that someone who doesn’t dress like a blogger within the blogging community would feel inadequate

    Fran |

    • Definitely agree. All those things are on my wishlist, funnily enough! It’s difficult to be fast-fashion conscious sometimes. I’ve been on a 10 week clothing spending ban, and watching trends pass you by can really suck. I just have to keep reminding myself that fashion isn’t always about trends!

  • I loved this post! Honestly, I live in mom jeans and tshirts and always feel as though I’m not ‘fashionable’ enough to take photos to put on Instagram. But I’m trying to learn this isn’t the case, its still fashion and its what I enjoy wearing!

    Lucy |

    • Thank you!! I find jeans and a tshirt the easiest thing, but it’s so effortlessly stylish too. It’s the perfect “i don’t have to think too much” outfit. I definitely think you can post about fashion no matter what you wear – fashion and style is so individual, and different people have a different idea of what is fashionable. I enjoy seeing more simple outfits, because I know that’s what I wear!

  • Shit. You’ve hit the nail on the head here! This is exactly how I feel about fashion blogging as well and basically why I rebranded myself to a lifestyle blogger because I didn’t feel ‘fashun’ enough!

    Katy |

    • I’m slowly becoming more lifestyle as well, i find my fashion really boring so it feels silly to brand myself as that!

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