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How i deal with new job nerves

Starting a new job is really scary, especially when you get nervous about anything anyway. I’m a serial worrier, and can’t help but always worry about things. That’s why we’re not doing a big summer holiday this year, i worried so much about the last one that i ruined it.

But anyway, i have very recently changed jobs so the whole ‘new job anxiety’ thing is fresh in my mind. I wanna chat about how i deal with the nerves surrounding the interview process, handing in my notice and the dreaded first day – all things an anxious person worries about a LOT.


Firstly, well done for getting an interview! I try to see it as a huge compliment – not everyone gets offered an interview so for them to like your application enough to invite you in is a big deal.

For me, the anxiety starts as soon as i confirm the date and time of my interview. I can’t relax until it’s over, so the sooner it happens the better. I like to be as prepared as possible which, thankfully, comes in handy cos people like it when you know all the info about their company.

To be honest though, i actually really like interviews. I love talking about myself. Which sounds really awful. But i have a lot of faith in myself and my skills so i love getting to talk about them.

I remember doing an interview when i was still looking to get into my Apprenticeship, back when i didn’t know the difference between shooting in RAW and JPEG. That actually came up, and i didn’t know the difference, and i felt like an idiot. Maybe didn’t help that the interviewer also made me feel like an idiot and that commute times from Fife to Glasgow are absolutely longer than commute times than Fife to Edinburgh, but whatevz.

Being 21, you don’t normally get the chance to know more than people. With social media being on the rise & my generation being at the forefront of the career, it’s a welcome change when i can speak about things that aren’t common knowledge to anyone else.

  • Make sure you’re as prepared as you can be! Research the company, their history and think of questions you want to ask. If interviewing for social media, check their sites and evaluate how they use it. Think of what you would do differently and if the question comes up, unleash your ideas.
  • Treat it like a normal conversation. An interview is also to gauge your personality and whether or not you’ll fit in with the team, so you definitely want to show that you have a sense of humour alongside the amazing work ethic.
  • Dress confident. Pick your best, most interview appropriate outfit, and work it. You’ll feel so much better if you’re wearing clothes you’re confident in.


I was absolutely shitting myself to hand in my notice. From the minute i started interviewing, i was thinking “oh god, i have to hand in my notice and it’s going to be the worst thing ever”. I felt like everyone would be annoyed at me, that i hadn’t been at my job long enough to justify leaving; all these stupid things.

The thought of it is scarier than actually doing it. I freaked out about it all evening and all morning until it was done. I was genuinely shaking like a leaf and constantly messaging my mum for support – she suggested buying my boss some cake to distract from the fact i was handing in my notice.

Turns out, it was totally fine and my boss was super sad to see me go. If anything, the relief and excitement of finally being able to talk about it outweighed the nerves of doing it. The excitement only really becomes real when you hand your notice in, and it’s a crazy mix of exciting and scary.

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  • If you have a good relationship with your boss (like i did), definitely bring in some sweet treats to soften the blow. It was also pretty funny afterwards and we laughed about the fact i did it until i left.
  • Trust the people around you for support. Odds are, you will know someone who has handed in their notice before and they’re still alive! What’s the worst that could happen? Even if they’re not happy about it, you’re already on your way out. Now, just to resist the temptation to tell all those people you don’t like them…


I’ve done a few “first days”, and the one at my new job was definitely better than the one at my previous job. At my previous job, i hadn’t been to the campus where i’d be working. The interview was at a separate site so my first day felt a lot more confusing.

At my new job, i visited 3 times during the interview process and i knew the place like the back of my hand. I had also met all of the team, which made a huge difference. My previous job consisted of well over 100 staff members, and i didn’t enjoy being part of such a large staff body. Meeting everyone beforehand made all the difference.

I found it really useful to think of tasks to give myself on the first day, in case i needed to think of things to do to start myself off. I hadn’t done this with my previous job so the first day was a bit crap. Nobody really knew what i was supposed to be doing, and overall it was just mega quiet and not so fun.

  • Prepare yourself with some tasks for quiet moments – odds are they wont happen but it’s best to be prepared. Plus, it looks really good if you come in knowing what you want to do.
  • Be friendly and smile at everyone – you’re going to be around these people for a while and you want to make it as nice an environment as possible. Some people may not reciprocate, but that’s on them and as long as you’re a nice person, you’ll be golden.
  • Plan out your outfits for the first week. You want to be on time, even early, for the first little while and outfit planning is always what makes me late. Plus, that way you can make sure you’re wearing all of your best #GIRLBOSS/#BOYBOSS outfits and make a lasting first impression.

Don’t get me wrong; changing jobs will always be terrifying. It’s a whole new world out there, and once you step out of your comfort career bubble, you feel vulnerable to everything. But your new bubble forms super quickly, and you never know which job will be the one that makes your life incredible and that you look forward to going to every morning.

How do you deal with the nerves surrounding a new job?

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