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Dinner with the Urban Fox

Comin’ at you with another Edinburgh eatery review – this time at the Urban Fox in Causewayside. It’s your typical pub grub and i’m always happy to eat and then write about it. Also, we luv a free date night.

The thing i was most excited about, from reading Louise’s review on the Urban Fox, was the halloumi starter. I knew no matter what, i was gonna have that halloumi. Turns out, you could get a sharer platter to start off with and combine 3 (!!!!) starters on a little platter to share.

We opted for the halloumi, grilled chicken and battered fish. It was all absolutely amazing, but the halloumi stole the show for me. Good halloumi is hard to find out-and-about, but this stuff comes straight from heaven.

As our mains, we opted for some good ol’ classic burgers. Max’s had absolutely everything on it and i think he was full for about a week afterwards. Mine was a panko-breadcrumb chicken burger, and i felt it could’ve used some sauce as it was a little bland.

The chips were heavenly though, i could’ve eaten them forever. And i liked that the buns didn’t have seeds on them, which might be a weird thing to focus on but it was so smooth.

By this point, i had had way more gin than is necessary and was full to the brim of chips and halloumi, i couldn’t manage my own dessert. They were also out of the Chocolate Terrine which was what i would’ve ordered anyway, so Max and i decided to share.

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We got the Atholl Browse Ice Cream, and it was so delicious. It was very tangy, because of the berries, and tasted so unique. It’s definitely worth ordering if you want something a little different!

Overall, i really loved the vibes in the restaurant. It was such a lovely place, albeit a little out of the way for Max and i, who live a little far outside of Edinburgh. It was definitely worth the trip though – i loved the food and i always love getting to spend time in Edinburgh with Max.

I’m a bit of a novice when it comes to places to eat in Edinburgh. It seems like it’s always the first thing that people ask; “where’s good for food?”…i do not know. I appreciate being gifted these dinners, it allows me to recommend more places to travellers and think of places off the beaten path for myself and Max to go on a date night.

What’s your favourite kind of food?

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