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Blonde ambition @ Reilly Denholm

The decision to go blonde when i was 16 was the best decision i think i have ever made. Alongside not going to uni and replying to Max’s “slide into your dm’s” on twitter, it’s something i thank myself for every single day.

I’m naturally dark haired but I don’t believe I suit it whatsoever. Any pictures i have of me with dark hair, i hate them. I don’t look like me; something is always missing! I had always planned to go lighter ever since i was about 15, and there have been dips back to dark along the way, but I’ve always chosen to go back to blonde.

The amazing team at Reilly Denholm asked if i wanted to come into the salon for a cut and colour, and i could not say yes quick enough. My last hair appointment was before Christmas and i was desperate for a little bit of pampering.

I’m no stranger to going to new salons – since ditching my regular, I’ve been to 2 different places and I’m not afraid of trying somewhere new. Out of all the bad experiences I’ve had, surely it cant get any worse?! In fact, my experience at Reilly Denholm tops them all. And I’m not just saying that because it was free.

I was greeted, by name, by Josh as soon as i came in the door. You’d be surprised how much difference them knowing you and expecting you makes – i felt really welcome because of it. It also helped that the other stylists in the salon turned to say hello. It was just such a friendly environment, which is different to what I’m used to.

At the other salons, you speak to your own hairdresser but you don’t really speak to any of the others. The young trainees that help out often seem a little frosty, and the conversation seems so forced that i tend not to bother.

Lia was the friendliest graduate stylist I’ve ever come across – she was so chatty and I genuinely enjoyed being at the sink and having a chat with her. ALSO the sink has massage chairs. MASSAGE CHAIRS. THE SINK HAS MASSAGE CHAIRS. This is the ONLY occasion where i have actually felt comfortable enough at the sink to fall asleep. Oh my god

Anyway – i sat with Josh for a few minutes and we spoke about my hair and what i wanted. He got it straight away; knew exactly what i was going for and wasted no time getting set up and the colour sorted. He explained everything as he went, reassuring me about things along the way and making sure i was comfortable and had everything i needed.

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I’m obsessed with my change – i wanted the blonde to stretch a little further and he toned it to the perfect ashy silver. There’s not a warm tone in sight. It’s also been blended so well that i am genuinely shook and it catches the light perfectly. Josh also gave me some shampoo and conditioner which was the best surprise. And he hugged me when i left. Winning.

I genuinely feel like i cant praise them enough – i had the loveliest evening with the Reilly Denholm team and feel so fortunate to have now found somewhere that i love. If you’re based in or around Edinburgh, it’s absolutely worth heading into Reilly Denholm for the best hair experience of your life.

Leith is an absolutely lovely area anyway – i hope to move near there in the future and when i do, Reilly Denholm will be seeing a LOT more of me.

What’s the best hair experience you’ve ever had?

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