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Bloggers in the media 4

Just when you think i’m done with this series, more shit comes out into the community and i just have to comment on it. Bloggers in the media may just be the longest running series i have on this blog.

So, if you’re new here or you’ve never read one of these before (here’s number 1, number 2 & number 3), these posts are where i comment on all the happenings in the blogging community over a period of time. Sometimes nothing happens, and it’s a year in-between posts, sometimes it’s only a few months. We never know.

It had all gone quiet for a little too long on this front; i’ve been waiting for another scandal or issue to crop it and low and behold, about 4 did at once.

I’m not here to start arguments. I’m not here to cause more drama. I just find it way easier to talk about these things on my blog, where i can explain myself more. Twitter is a breeding ground for misunderstandings.

New ASA rules

This is kinda old news now but i think i have to comment on it given that it’s such a big part of what we do. I’ve always been a bit unsure of the advertising rules for bloggers anyway – i knew we had to declare but the lines were blurred between gifted products and paid posts.

Now, the rules seem to be super strict. Maybe. I still don’t know what’s going on, to be honest. And if you don’t know as well, i would advise you just go for full transparency. Put #ad or #gifted at the start of your posts if it applies. Vix Meldrew wrote a really good post all about what the rules actually mean so i’ll just drop a link and you can go educate yourselves.

My issue is that NOBODY. IS. FOLLOWING. THEM. There are a number of larger influencers and smaller influencers that still insist on hiding their declaration amongst several hundred other hashtags, or just don’t declare at all. I’m losing my patience with it. Just follow the rules – why are you exempt from them?

I genuinely think i’m gonna be ‘that’ person and start reporting people when they don’t declare properly. It’s infuriating to see people that have previously commented on the new rules, continue to ignore them. We ain’t here for that.

THAT exposing article

If you missed it, i am so sorry. It was a wild ride. Basically, some guy wrote an article exposing some of the ‘influencers’ that are using bots. He also provided screenshots of their Social Blade accounts, which showed the rapid growth of followers and the rapid decline of their following each day. It. Was. Wild.

Weird thing is, nothing came of it. One of the influencers listed was invited on a press trip to the Maldives shortly after. Seems a tad unfair. Her partner is also, arguably, the most well-known bot user and he doesn’t seem to give a shit that he’s been officially outed now. They have no shame!

I do just wanna say that i believe Scarlett London when she said her name should not be on that list. When transitioning to an ‘influencer’ instagram, there will be a lot of people that you unfollow and that will unfollow you because they don’t like your new content and you’ve outgrown theirs. That’s what her statistics show, and the spike in her Social Blade was nowhere near as dramatic as everyone else’s.

Selling knowledge available for free

This is something that’s come up a bit more over the last few weeks and i’m not sure how i feel about it. I also want to try and do this without naming names because i don’t like the “call-out” culture and that’s not what i’m here to do.

So, some bloggers have been making a living selling resources. One resource in particular which got a lot of bad press was a hashtag list. People are now complaining that hashtags are available for free everywhere and you don’t need to pay £15 to find out what they are.

Now, i have bought resources from this person before and i don’t regret that one bit. I use them quite a lot and this bloggers’ knowledge is actually really useful. There are certain things i wouldn’t pay for though – i wouldn’t pay for one-on-one coaching or the hashtag list because i don’t think i need it. And that’s kind of where my opinion ends.

I can understand why people are a little annoyed about it – if you’re willing to do the research for it, it is free. But not everyone wants to put all that time in, and it’s a good thing that the knowledge is there for them should they wish to pay for it.

One thing i don’t like is selling presets. Or, selling presets that cost an arm and a leg. I personally would never buy a preset because i love editing, it’s my favourite thing to do and i wouldn’t want anything to take that process away from me. But, again, i understand why people buy them.

There are some beautiful presets available for under £5 on Etsy. So just go and have a look on there before dropping £30+ on a preset that may not even work for your content.

Are bloggers invading private property?


There’s been some talk of bloggers/instagrammers being extremely rude and invading private property because of a few photos on doorsteps. First of all, the article that coined all of this was staged. IT WAS STAGED. Aka – NOT REAL.

Most bloggers and instagrammers have come forward and said they ask for permission if the owner is nearby. I don’t think there is anything wrong with taking a photo on a street, and the house is in the background. It’s not even the focal point of the photo.

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As long as you don’t lean on a car, lean against their door or include registration plates/street addresses; what’s the issue?

The twitter blogosphere has a tendency to take whatever the media says and run with it. Nobody had an issue until it was featured in that article, and then everybody and their dog has something to say about it. More often than not, something negative.

It’s hard enough with so many sources tearing down bloggers and not seeing the value of the work they produce. We’re tearing each other down from the inside now.

Zoella’s Colorpop collection

And finally, i wanna talk about the Colorpop collection released by Zoella. I’ll be chatting about the products themselves in another post, but i’ve seen a lot of nasty comments regarding this launch and i want to discuss them.

I’ve seen so many people say that the palette is shit. The colours are shit, the packaging is shit, it’s all shit. The colours are all the same, they’re too boring, she’s not a makeup artist so why does she have a collection???

Not every makeup collection released will be to everyone’s tastes. I don’t like palettes with a ton of bright colours because i know i won’t use it. I’m shit at makeup, and this palette is exactly what i need to encourage myself to do eyeshadow more often.

She’s made a palette that she would use every day, and the fact she’s not a makeup artist plays a huge role in this collection. It’s for the everyday people – the people who aren’t experts at makeup and want a palette they will actually get use out of.

I personally love the collection – the branding is on point and i’ve used the palette every single day since getting it. It’s my perfect palette.

It does seem like Zoe can’t do anything right nowadays. Since the calendar debacle, anything she brings out is a “scam”, which is a gross over-reaction. She’s just out here making money, building her career and enjoying doing it. And i enjoy supporting her!

If there’s anything you think i may have missed, or if you want a healthy discussion in the comments then please, go ahead! I’d love to hear some of your views on the things i’ve discussed – whether they’re the same as mine or not.

What do you think of how bloggers are represented in the media?

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  • LOVED this blog post Lauren, and I completely agree with everything you just said!

    Also these photos are giving me major Blair Waldorf vibes, probably because I’ve been watching it non stop for the past month or two!

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