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A new look for the Sheep Heid Inn

This post contains a gifted experience.

I bloody love getting to go for PR dinners. Max and i rarely get date nights because we’re both poor AF and super busy, so getting to combine work with dating is literally the best.

We were invited down to one of the oldest pubs in Edinburgh, the Sheep Heid Inn. (pronounced heed, not hide as i had been calling it) They have a SKITTLE ALLEY which is mega cool & i’ll chat about later, but they had been undergoing some refurbishment and had a new menu, including a vegan one, & a new look ready to unveil.

The interior was lovely and cosy, it had a real traditional pub feel which is really homely. There was also a musician playing whilst we ate, which i thought was an amazing touch.

I could only manage 2 of the 3 courses we were gifted, which actually pained me. As a fussy eater, sometimes press dinners or gifted meals give me the god given fear because i think i’m not going to like anything; the Sheep Heid Inn gets the fussy eater approval from me.

As a starter, both Max and i had some breaded chicken with a katsu curry sauce. I was expecting Wagamama’s but better, and that is definitely what i got. I’m a bigger fan of katsu curry sauce than i originally thought, and now i’m a little obsessed with it.

Main course for me was battered halloumi and chunky fries, whilst Max had a pizza. Let me tell you, i could not manage all of that halloumi but it was the best i have ever tasted. Salty, but not too salty, and squeaky but not too squeaky. I think Max liked his pizza but i was too busy crying over my cheese to notice.

I went without dessert because i was about to die from eating too much, but Max went ahead and got the peanut butter chocolate melting ball thing (not the official name). It’s one of those ones where they pour the chocolate over the ball and it all melts – super cool to watch and i tried a little bit of the ice cream, it was perfection.

So, after stuffing ourselves full to the brim of delicious food, we were given a tour outside and in the skittle alley. The whole outside area has been refurbished and will be perfect for drinking lots of alcohol on a perfect summers day.

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The skittle alley was SO cool. Max and i both had a go each but i was worried about getting in trouble/making too much noise so i didn’t go too hard, which is my official excuse because i refuse to admit i suck. The skittle alley was built in 1870, which is mental, and it’s been upgraded by Johnnie Walker whisky to transform it into a cool little hang-out space complete with its own bar!

If you’re based in or around Edinburgh, the Sheep Heid Inn is definitely worth a visit. I’m new to Edinburgh-based restaurants and dining experiences, but both Max and i agreed that this was the best dinner we’ve had in a while.

I’m always nervous when doing reviews or having gifted experiences in case there’s any judgement, but all the staff were so lovely and friendly that any apprehension i had went straight out the window as soon as we got there.

Thanks again to the Sheep Heid Inn for having us for dinner! I would like a lifetime supply of the halloumi, the katsu sauce and the breaded chicken. Thanks.

What’s been your best dining experience?

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