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1 item 5 ways: satin midi

I said last month that i wanted to start being a lot more aware of what i was buying and, more importantly, how much i was buying. I am Isla Fisher in Confessions of a Shopaholic. Literally out of control.

In the interest of being more sustainable, i want my blog content to reflect that. It can be difficult sometimes when you see bloggers doing hauls or styling new items in every instagram/blog post, and it doesn’t help. I no longer feel like i need to buy something new for every shoot and it’s a liberating feeling. Outfit repeaters ftw.

So, i wanted to start up a new series on here – 1 item 5 ways. Basically, i take one item from my wardrobe and style it up 5 different ways with my existing clothes and shoes and accessories. That’s one outfit for every day of the working week, and all without spending a penny!

I’m hoping these posts will inspire you to take a look at your own wardrobe and how you can make the most of it – i don’t want to make anyone feel like they have to buy exactly what i’m wearing and for that reason, i won’t be including any affiliate links to my clothes.


For the first of these posts, i wanted to style an item that was still very much on-trend. I’ve been loving the midi skirt trend this year and i was all too eager to jump onto the satin midi trend. I restricted myself to just one though – i have too many midi skirts and i don’t need another colour.

Mine is a gorgeous blush pink, is slightly see-through which is a huge ball-ache, and i’m still getting used to wearing it. It feels weird to have my legs exposed and free when normally they’re trapped in a denim prison. (anyone else think of the erotic book Rachel wrote in Friends??? just me??? ok)

I’ve tried to incorporate a bunch of different styles in this post – there’s some that are more casual and others that could be dressed up a little more. It just depends what your taste is!


I am shit at layering, just to warn you all. I try to do it and somehow it just doesn’t look good, but we’re going with it anyway. Mainly because the photos are already done and that’s all that matters.

I’ve always been an abnormally huge fan of polka dots so i decided to double up this time – cami and belt. I’ve had this cami for a little while, a good few months, but just haven’t worn it yet because it’s not the right weather for it.

The belt is a relatively recent purchase, definitely in 2019 but i can’t remember exactly when, and i do wear it quite a lot. I have a moderate collection of belts because my waist to bum ratio is way off, and it’s nice to add a little something more to the outfit.

Given that it is basically still winter, to keep warm i’ve layered the cami with a plain white turtleneck. I bought this last year to wear underneath jumpers and such – i’m not a huge fan of the neck on it but it does the job.

I’ve accessorized with a little layered necklace that i bought last year as well; i went through an obsessive ‘layered necklace’ phase and this one has stuck by me since.

I’ve always struggled in terms of shoes with midi skirts, i’m never entirely sure what actually looks good.

The tone of the snake boots really compliments the skirt perfectly, i think. And i know i’m kind of mixing prints here with the polka dots and the snake but it’s all good – we are here for mixing prints in spring. Mark my words.


The next outfit is way more casual and features one of my favourite items of clothing that i definitely do not wear enough. Such is life.

This sweatshirt was gifted last year and it fell to the back of my wardrobe in favour of some newer pieces, but i thought i’d revive my love for it and dig it back out. That’s the point of these posts – to rediscover my wardrobe and find long forgotten pieces i used to wear obsessively.

I’ve kept it with the same belt as i like the tones in it – i also really like how the pink text matches the skirt so overall 10/10 outfit i have nailed fashion blogging.

These boots are CRAZY old. Like, the last time i wore them was 2017 old. Then i gave up on wearing heels to work and into the shoe cupboard they went. My shoe collection is begging for a clear out and i have a feeling these boots may go, but for now i think they match this outfit pretty perfectly.


I wanted to try something a little different to my regular style here, so i went deep into the wardrobe to find some stuff that was way older.

This shirt was gifted from Boohoo in like early 2017 or something ridiculous like that. I’m not a fan of shirts anymore, i don’t think they match the style i’m going for and i don’t like how young they make me look.

I was struggling for another outfit though so i thought i’d give it a go, and i actually don’t hate it. It’s something different and a nice way to wear a satin midi to work, if you can’t get away with the previous two outfits.

You also can’t beat a good pair of converse with a midi skirt – it’s my shoe of choice the majority of the team because i can’t be bothered to experiment with what other shoes look good.

I like the all light tones with this outfit, aside from my black socks which i couldn’t be bothered to take off but we’ll just ignore in the name of #fashun.

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This is the one i’m most likely to wear – it’s also a combo that i’ve worn with every other midi skirt that i own. It’s very well loved.

I honestly love this white Monki jumper to death – it’s perfectly slouchy, has slight balloon sleeves and tucks into everything so nicely. It is the French tuck jumper.

I’ve swapped out the belt and gone for a plain black one to separate the light colours – given that there’s no detailing on the jumper, it’s a good idea to go for a ‘block colour’ effect and layer another in between.

I’ve also accessorised with my layered snake necklace – i find that gold jewellery goes with the shade of the skirt a lot better. It also matches my skin tone better in terms of necklaces, but i prefer silver bracelets…

For shoes, i’ve kept it light with my white ASOS boots. They’re still extremely white but because they’re Chelsea boot style, the black stretchy thing on the side ties in with the belt quite nicely. I’d like to say it was all well thought out, but life just wanted to give me a good outfit i guess.


The final outfit is definitely one for a more casual day, even though i did wear this tshirt to work and felt incredibly powerful in it.

The slogan tshirt is, of course, swappable and you can wear whichever slogan tickles your fancy. I’m a big fan of a feminist tshirt and this one is my current favourite. I’m really liking pink & red as a colour combo right now, and this is the perfect way to do it in a more subtle way.

I’ve also kept the same belt on but in hindsight, i should’ve swapped it out for the polka dot one to keep this outfit a bit lighter.

I wear these boots all the damn time – i’m wearing them as i’m writing this. They’re just the ideal suede boots for me – the perfect length to wear with midi skirts without looking too silly and i love the stud & buckle detailing.

So, there we have it! Hopefully you enjoyed my first attempt at one of these posts; i’m sure the more i do them, the better they’ll get and i’ll be able to experiment with my own style a lot more.

As i said previously, i won’t be leaving any sort of links here because this post isn’t to encourage people to shop. It’s just to give you a bit of inspiration and make you think about how you would style these things differently. If you do see something you absolutely need, just message me!

How would you style a satin midi?

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