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Feminist issues we shouldn’t still need to address – IWD19

Feminist issues we shouldn’t still need to address – IWD19

Today is the day! The official International Women’s Day – i just like to make it last for the whole week because i am a proud feminist and female empowerment is a beautiful thing and why shouldn’t we have more days to celebrate it? International Women’s Week FTW.

TW: This article discusses things like sexual assault and abortions.

I want to talk about a whole load of feminist issues today – it won’t be super in-depth because i don’t want this post to be 7 miles long but there’s a lot of stuff that otherwise i wouldn’t have gotten to cover.

I also want to preemptively apologise if anyone feels like i’ve left something out or not spoken enough about a topic – at least i’m trying! And if you have to say something, at least be nice about it. IWD is not about tearing other women down for trying!


I know i spoke about this on one day, they’ve all muddled into one now, but it’s really important to me so i want to re-iterate my points.

What women do with their bodies has fuck all to do with you. Whether you are a man or another woman, whatever she chooses to do is her business, not yours. I don’t get why this is so hard for everyone to understand.

Pro-life is the wrong name for these people. They are not pro-life, they are pro-birth, and there is a huge difference.

Pro-life to me suggests they care about the cells that will eventually form a baby – they want the baby to have a good life when they are born, they want them to be provided for and nurtured and loved. This is not what those Twitter warriors care about.

They are pro-birth. They want the baby to be born and then they don’t give a shit about what happens to it after that. If a woman has a child that she doesn’t want, because she didn’t have access to safe abortions, the child will most likely end up in foster care. The foster system is a joke, can cause trauma to children and they may never find a forever home.

You care so much about those babies being born? FOSTER THEM YOURSELF. Or fuck off out our business.

Marie Stopes is an organisation created to help men and women across the UK choose if and when they have children. They offer abortions, vasectomies, contraception and counselling. If you need help with anything like this, reach out to them.


I don’t like the stigma surrounding periods. I don’t like feeling embarrassed asking for a sanitary bin in the bathroom i use at work. I don’t like feeling like i have to hide the pads up my sleeve when i go to the bathroom.

It’s up to us to change that though, if we open up a conversation about periods and how normal they are, society will become more accepting and stop thinking of it as gross. Also – people who find toilet humour funny but find periods gross. Why?

I’ve seen a lot more charities pop up recently which aim to tackle period poverty, and i think it’s amazing. I’m very fortunate to be in a position where i can afford period products, and i can’t imagine what it must be like for those that can’t.

Supporting young women with period supplies means they can go to school, they can go out, they feel comfortable. And we need to show our support by donating and being open about periods. They are a normal bodily function, everyone!! Even if they do make us cry about the thought of getting out of bed to take our makeup off.

Bloody Good Period is a fairly new organisation which provides asylum seeker drop in centres in London and Leeds with sanitary products. They aim to expand to more food banks and drop in centres across the UK, so if you think you can help, volunteer!

Also, Days for Girls is a global organisation which provides sustainable period supplies to girls who would miss school whilst on their period otherwise. To help, you can donate, fundraise and volunteer.


Victim blaming needs to stop.

When Chris Brown was accused of rape, nobody cared because he’s Chris Brown. He should’ve been gone yeeeeears ago when he assaulted Rihanna. I think the rape accusation was found to be false, but that doesn’t excuse the behaviour of some people on social media.

If people put half the amount of anger towards actual rapists as they do towards those who falsely accuse, maybe the sentencing would be harsher. Maybe the judge would take it seriously.

It doesn’t matter what you wear, how much you drink, whether you said yes and then changed your mind – rape is always the rapists fault. We shouldn’t be learning about how to protect ourselves with self-defence moves and carrying keys between our fingers ‘just in case’, we should be teaching rapists not to rape.

The Survivors Trust is an organisation which provides support to victims of rape. They empower survivors to work through their abuse, whilst also raising awareness of rape and the effect it can have. To help, you can donate, campaign or fundraise.


I have a lot of beef with people who refuse to identify with being a feminist because of the word. I understand that it has negative connotations because of some feminists that take it way too far, but you’re adding to that negativity by refusing to identify as one.

The band of feminists campaigning for real, important equality has to be stronger than those campaigning for Santa to be a woman. We ALL know that’s bullshit and doesn’t matter. So when you refuse to identify as a feminist, just remember that you aren’t helping the cause at all. You’re part of the problem now.

Similarly, men who have an issue with not feeling ‘represented’ by feminism. Specifically white men. The most privileged group out there. Sigh.

Feminism does deal with mens issues – toxic masculinity, male rape. We talk about it. Do you listen?

It’s called FEMinism because women need a little more help. Women are more oppressed than men, that’s just a fact. Men, overall, have more privileges than women. White women have more privilege than WOC and trans women. These things are fact, and the sooner we accept our privilege the sooner we can start to help.


Two words that should never, ever be seen together. A lot of people seem to forget about women and children in third-world countries and the unfairness they are subjected to since they’re born. You are selfish if you’re not a feminist. End of story.

See Also

Young girls are still out there being forced to marry men much, much older than them. They are forced to carry children, deal with life-threatening miscarriages and births. It’s cruel and unfair for any child to deal with – why is it still happening?

Girls Not Brides is a global organisation with ties in over 95 countries committed to ending child marriage. They want to give these girls a voice, and raise awareness of child marriage whilst putting all necessary policies into place to bring an end to it. To help, you can donate, educate yourself and spread the word, and even set up your wedding through an organisation that provides wedding services and products – all funds raised are then donated to Girls Not Brides.


It’s 2019 and i am STILL seeing posts that are like “why do women get lip fillers men think it’s gross”

NEWS FLASH: women do not do anything for men. Nothing. You’re not special. The clothes we wear, the makeup we choose, the plastic surgery we choose to get – it’s all for us. None of it is for men.

Women don’t exist as meat for men. You can’t just expect us to be exactly what you want, or to do everything in the hope that you’ll like us. I couldn’t care less if Max doesn’t like a jumper i’m wearing because it’s not up to him what i wear.

Men – stop thinking everything women do is for you.

Women – stop changing yourself if you’re doing it because a man has asked you to/you think men will like you more.


This is something i’m still educating myself on so i’m really sorry if i get something wrong – just message me and i’m happy to listen and learn.

I think people forget that trans and gay rights are included in feminism. You automatically think it’s just all about women, specifically white, western women. If your feminism isn’t intersectional, it isn’t feminism.

Intersectional feminism is feminism which takes other types of discrimination into account. So it’s not just about women and men as a whole, it’s a about trans men and women, POC, gay men and women, and them being seen as equals as well.

This is an aspect of feminism that i’m working to learn more on. I want to be an ally, someone who uses their privilege to help, so that’s something that i’m trying to consider.

Stonewall is an organisation which supports the rights of lesbian, gay, bi and trans people both in the UK and abroad. They work with schools and universities to educate younger people on how to be respectful, and play a huge role in implementing laws to ensure equal rights. To get involved, you can volunteer, fundraise, donate or attend any events in your local area.

Thank you so much to everyone for their support on my posts this week. The research and dedication i’ve put into educating myself and compiling all of my thoughts and information in these posts has been really interesting, and i’ve loved it.

Hopefully you all learned something and joined in with the conversations i’m trying to open. I’ve donated to 5 charities this week, and i would love if some of you would donate too. I’ve linked different charities in each of my posts this week, and quite a few in todays. Let me know if you do – it would mean a lot to me to know i’ve influenced you to make a positive choice!

Have a lovely International Women’s Day – support the women around you, make sure your feminism is intersectional and isn’t selfish, and remember to make choices for yourself and not because someone else wants you to.

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  • PREACH IT GAL. Happy International Women’s day. You’re so right, these things should not still be an issue in today’s world but here we are. Glad there are people out there like you to help raise awareness and say fuck you to those who believe they have a say when they don’t. Your posts this week have certainly inspired me. I’m not as vocal about my feminism as I should be and I really want to make sure I’m doing my part loud and proud!

    Keep smashing it, babe.

    Kirsty x ||

    • Ohhh thank you!! I always seem to wait for IWD to roll around before i comment on everything, i need to get into the habit of doing it year-round. I just think there’s so many issues that people don’t consider and i’d love to help educate people on why, actually, we do still need feminism! There’s been too many times when i’ve wished i had spoken up about feminism, but felt too scared, so i’m gonna really try and put an end to that. We got this!

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