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My body is none of your business – IWD19

Women always seem to have people commenting on what we do with our bodies. We can’t do anything right – from the colour of hair to what we wear, everyone else always has something to say. To cut a long story short – why do you care? My body is not anybody else’s business.

TW: This article discusses abortion.

Abortion is a topic that seems to be debated almost every time i open Twitter. First, there was #RepealThe8th in Ireland, which was a huge success and thankfully i didn’t see a lot of negative tweets on my own timeline. I must follow the right people.

Then, a few months ago, i saw a viral tweet shaming somewhere in America for legalising late-term abortions.

For all the sensible people out there, we know late-term abortions are only allowed if there is a serious medical risk present. They don’t give them out willy nilly, which is what “pro-lifers” seem to think. It really does seem like they have this idea that if you’re pro-choice, you get abortions for fun every Saturday. Carried this baby for 8 months but nah, i don’t think i want it anymore so get rid of it.

I don’t believe “pro-life” should be called that. “Pro-life” implies that they care about the child, they have their best interests at heart and want them to have the best life they possibly can. They don’t.

They are pro-birth. All they care about is that baby comes out of her vagina, they don’t care what happens to it after that. Unfortunately, more often than not, what happens is that child goes into the foster system. Due to over-crowding, it’s unlikely they will ever find a forever home and have a loving family support system. But at least they were born, right?

A woman’s body is nobody’s business but her own.

No-one else has any right to comment on what a woman does with her body. If she wants an abortion, she has every right to get one. If she wants plastic surgery, she can. If she wants to post pictures in her underwear, she can. All it comes down to is what she wants. Not what you want for her. I don’t understand why that’s so difficult for some people to understand.

I frequently see tweets or Facebook status’ from all the boys i used to be at school with, questioning why a woman would get lip fillers or boob jobs when it’s “not what men want”. Hell, i’ve even seen a status from one idiot saying how much he hates dyed blonde hair. And yes, they are all still single. Unsurprisingly.

Newsflash, for every man out there who has ever said anything reminiscent of the above:

Women do not exist to please you.

I don’t know about anyone else, but i know that when i make a choice about my life or my appearance, i don’t consider anyone else when i do. Because my only priority is making myself happy. I will do what i want and i don’t owe anyone an explanation or justification – it’s my life.

Women do not spend upwards of £200 on lip fillers to make men happy. They do it to feel good about themselves and because it’s something they want. And that’s it, that’s all that matters, and it shouldn’t even be a conversation. Honestly.

Men don’t even really notice when we do anything, unless they don’t like it. I could change my hair colour and nobody would notice unless it went against the societal “norm” of being female. Just stick to the patriarchal mold of what women are supposed to look like, and you’ll be just fine! *eye roll*

I remember when Kim Kardashian posted a nude and everyone slated her for being a bad feminist. I mean…everyone is entitled to their own opinion but i don’t think she’s a bad feminist. She’s proud of her body and she can own that however she chooses. Women also enjoy sex too. In case you forgot. She’s shamed pretty much daily for that sex tape but it takes two to tango!

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In my opinion, i think being proud of your body makes a good role model. Boobs are way too over-sexualised, we’ve all seen them. You wouldn’t make a plus-sized male put his shirt on at the beach, but we all stare and gossip if a woman takes her shirt off because it’s what society has told us to do. It’s really bloody annoying but it would take more than one person to make a change, because if i just start getting my tits out i don’t think it would go well. You need a gang.

Feminism is about choice. Letting women have the choice to show off their bodies, the choice to get lip fillers, the choice to have an abortion. And it’s not up to you to determine whether or not she gets to do those things. You’re not God, you’re not the King, not that they would have any say either, but you also have no say in what other people do. Deal with it.

Center for Reproductive Rights

The Center for Reproductive Rights wants to see a world where everyone is equal, and where every woman has the option to choose when she wants a family and whether or not she wants to marry – free from discrimination or coercion.

They are experts in both US constitutional law and international human rights laws, and they fight to make sure reproductive rights are fairly represented in the laws that each state upholds. So far, they have expanded access to birth control, safe abortion, prenatal and obstetric care and unbiased information about the above.

They also teach about reproductive rights, making sure future generations know how important it is.

To get involved, you can join their mailing list to stay involved with their campaigns, report any rights violations you see or donate.

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  • Amen to this post. This is something I feel very strongly about and pro-life supports grind my gears. Like you say, they only care about what happens up until birth and then what? I think its better that an abortion happens than give a child an awful life, thats beyond unfair!

    Lucy | Forever September

    • Whenever i read anything from “pro-lifers”, i get so angry. I really don’t think they have any place commenting on it when it has nothing to do with them! It’s crazy 🙁

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