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I’m a feminist but… – IWD19

I’m a feminist but… – IWD19

Having already touched on my favourite book about feminism, i thought i should talk about my favourite podcast about feminism. The Guilty Feminist was the first podcast i actually ever listened to – the fact it was for feminism was purely coincidental.

In each episode, comedian Deborah Frances-White sits down with different comedians each week to tackle different topics. From periods to orgasms, each episode is hilarious and feature some of my favourite comedians. I’ve also discovered a lot of new favourites through the podcast, which is an added bonus.

Some of my all-time favourite episodes, which i go back and listen to all the time, are:

Stereotypes with Zoe Lyons – Deborah Frances-White and Jessica Fostekew

Nice Girls Don’t with Cal Wilson – Deborah Frances-White and Celia Pacquola

Periods Redux with Cariad Lloyd – Deborah Frances-White and Sara Pascoe

Bringing Up Feminist Boys with Jarlath Regan – Deborah Frances-White and Sindhu Vee

It’s A Man’s World with Gemma Arterton – Deborah Frances-White and Cariad Lloyd

Strength and Weakness with Sindhu Vee – Deborah Frances-White and Jessica Fostekew

The names that crop up frequently in the episodes that i listen to repeatedly are Cariad Lloyd, Jessica Fostekew and Sindhu Vee. They’re some of the new female comedians i’ve discovered, and now love with my whole heart.

Anyway, in honour of International Women’s Day, i’ve decided to share all of my “I’m a feminist but”‘s. If you’re slightly confused; at the start of every podcast episode, Deborah and whoever she is hosting with share their “I’m a feminist but”‘s. Basically, sharing all the reasons why you’re a bit shit but still have feminism in your heart.

I’m a feminist but wearing makeup makes me feel more confident.

I’m a feminist but most days i would rather be a stay-at-home wife than commute to work.

I’m a feminist but i don’t want equality if equality means the men at work can leave the toilet seat up.

I’m a feminist but i want men to notice me when i look good.

I’m a feminist but i’m too scared to take my car to the car wash alone.

I’m a feminist but i’m kind of scared of other women.

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I’m a feminist but i disagree with a LOT of modern feminism.

I’m a feminist but i would love my future daughter to do ballet and be really, really good at it.

I’m a feminist but i refuse to educate non-feminists because i don’t think they’re worth my time.

I’m a feminist but i won’t say it out-loud because i don’t think i know enough if i’m asked about it.

I’m a feminist but i feel like i’m not doing enough.


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What are your “I’m a feminist but”‘s?

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