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The Monthly #1: 2019

Back to #1 again! I did these little monthly updates all through last year and i loved nothing more than sitting down to read through them all when it hit the New Year, so i figured i’d do it again this year. I don’t know how many people even read these but i do so that’s all that counts.

January and February have gone so fast this year – it’s been a crazy few months as well, i can’t believe some of the things i’ve done already when i look back. It’s looking like a pretty good year, if these months are anything to go by.


I wanted to try and do more exercise this year, which is something i am very much still working on and will hopefully have more of an update on in the next post, but to kick off the year i booked in to do some aerial classes.

If you don’t know, in aerial classes you learn how to do trapeze and silks – the basics, the balances and how to not injure your muscles whilst doing it. I had seen Kate Snooks post instagram stories of her doing her trapeze classes and thought, that actually looks super fun.

Myself and Louise did a six-week block of classes, alternating between trapeze and silks, but we both absolutely favoured the silks. Trapeze is a lot harder and made for people with a lot more upper body strength than we have – we could manage the silks and felt a lot safer on them.

I haven’t booked in to do any more classes yet because we’re searching for a silks-only class in Edinburgh – neither of us want anything more to do with trapeze just yet! It’s definitely something i’d like to do more of this year, though. I felt very graceful, for once.


I missed the last week of aerial because i booked a very last minute holiday to Sweden, which was another one of my goals. I want to travel more this year and when my friend Sabrina asked if i wanted to go, i did a crazy thing and actually said yes.

Normally, i would try and think of some excuse because i’ve never traveled without extensive planning and Max. I did have a few wobbles before going, but i’m so glad i did because i had the best time.

It’s a beautiful place and we spend most of our days dipping in and out of coffee shops and crunching through snow. I wrote a post about the whole weekend and also i vlogged it!


Super cool creator Charlotte started up Blog & Beyond a little while ago, and has since started to run blogging workshops designed to give you some insider info on a whole bunch of different topics. I kept meaning to go but i’m too afraid to drive to Glasgow.

Thankfully, i made it to this one with the help of Ysabelle and we got to learn all about Creating Killer Content. Charlotte gave us a ton of helpful tips on SEO and how she plans out a load of blog posts at once; i’ve used the tips she gave us both in my blog and at work.

I would highly recommend going along to a workshop if you can. Charlotte is the sweetest person ever and deserves a ton of support, plus the workshops are so casual and friendly and basically a big discussion with other cool people.


I have had the craziest start to the year in terms of blog stuff. I don’t mean to come across as bragging at all, but i’m really proud of myself and the fact that my hard work is paying off. I’ve been trying to figure out how i can start monetising my blog and instagram, and i think i’m well on my way.

I’ve worked with Nobodys Child this month, who were a brand i loved anyway and bought stuff from last year. They liked the outfit selfie i did so much that they offered to send me some of their new pieces, which is crazy. Long live the outfit selfies.

I’ve also worked with TRNSMT festival in return for 2 free VIP weekend passes. What. The. Hell. I’ve never been to a festival before so i’m a little nervous about the whole thing but we won’t be camping and hopefully the VIP toilets are a little more people friendly than the regular toilets. I’m a bit high maintenance, in case you didn’t know.

I have a lot more exciting stuff coming up in the next few months – i’m just waiting on approval for a few bits and pieces that i’m also very excited about. Hopefully there will be many more opportunities to come – i love working on brand collaborations and feel so satisfied when people seem to respond well.


Some smaller things i want to talk about but don’t really have enough to give them their own section – i’m obsessed with midi skirts right now. I have about 7 and i can’t wait for springtime so i can wear them all.

I’ve found the perfect new way to do my hair and keep it perfectly messy and curly – i curl it on day 1, freshly washed hair, my least favourite day, then French braid it every night and use some sea salt spray. I don’t need to re-curl my hair at all and i frickin’ love how low maintenance it is.

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I had a nasty comment last night on instagram about my skin. I didn’t edit out my acne and a young girl felt it was acceptable to comment on it. I had the loveliest, most supportive comments from everyone though and i know she is probably unhappy with herself and feels like insulting other people is the way to deal with it. I’m not bothered by it, i’m happy with myself and my skin and acne isn’t something to be ashamed of.

On the topic of self-love, my superstar photographer Claire was offering free half-hour shoots in February as part of a self-love project. We set up shop in her living room with a bedsheet and some lucky lighting and created some beautiful photos – i love them a lot and can’t wait to share more of them on instagram/my blog.

Max and i went to see Les Mis! I got the tickets from my grandparents for my birthday and the day finally came – it was absolutely amazing and i fell in love with the soundtrack all over again. Even Max enjoyed it!

For Max’s 20th birthday, i booked for us to go over to an inflatable park in Glasgow called Inflatanation! It was so much fun – i had booked us for 2 hours but after the first 10 mins we were all drenched in sweat and probably heavily bruised. Otherwise – best time ever!

Also for Max’s birthday, i booked for us to go and play some VR games in Ocean Terminal – i booked an hour slot for both of us and we took turns playing different VR games. It was so much fun – especially the one where you walk out of an elevator on a wooden plank and it’s like you’re gonna fall. I’ve never laughed so much!

My cousin had her totally adorable little baby boy in January and he is the cutest, squishiest little bean ever. His older brother is my favourite little guy, he’s so funny and i can’t wait for him to grow up and be a little riot.

I went to my first drag show this month – with Max’s mum and sister no less! I’ve become obsessed with RuPaul’s Drag Race recently and when Alaska announced she was coming to Edinburgh, we jumped straight on those tickets. I love being able to spend time with Max’s mum and sister without Max there; they are just like my family and i love that.

Phew, okay, i had a lot more there than i planned to have. Things just kept cropping back up and now this post is probably way too long.

PS sorry for my lack of posts this month, i’m working on some big things for March and that’s been taking up a lot of my blogging time! Stay tuned xoxo gossip girl

How has your 2019 been so far?

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