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How i maintain healthy skin through the colder months

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Winter pretty much sucks in every way, shape and form. I hate the cold, my skin hates the cold, i hate when it’s icy and never snows so i have to go to work, and i hate not being able to wear my new, pretty midi skirts because it’s too cold.

The cold takes its toll on people in different ways – both mental and physical. It’s a struggle to be motivated and i dunno about you, but i pretty much give up on any of my foundations matching because i reach a whole new shade of pale.

The past few months i’ve really been trying to perfect my everyday skincare routine, and i think i’ve pretty much nailed getting my skin to look nice and dewy, but not oily. Basically, my skin actually looks pretty healthy and vibrant which is a rare occurrence for me and my face.


It may be tempting to ramp up the coverage in winter; your skin looks a lot more dull, pale and the eye bags just don’t seem to want to quit. However, ignore your instincts and dial down the heavy coverage.

I’ve temporarily quit using every single one of my foundations in favour of BB creams and concealers. My absolute favourite right now is the Bourjois Serum foundation, which is really light and not heavy coverage at all. If i think i need it, i just go in with a little bit of concealer afterwards.

Keeping it light coverage helps my skin heal a lot better when i have a bad acne breakout, and means all the skincare i put on in the morning isn’t then clogged up with inches of makeup.


I am 100% convinced the reason my skin is actually okay is because i always double cleanse. I’m a little obsessed with cleansing – it’s my favourite part of my routine and i look forward to it all day.

I know that sometimes even taking off your makeup is a drag, and you’re tempted to just stop there because who can be bothered to go all the way to the sink to clean your face??

My trick is to swap out your cleansers every few weeks, or add a new one into the line up. I feel really excited at the thought of using a new cleanser (but maybe i’m just weird like that) so it helps motivate me to go do that second cleanse.

My holy grail cleanser right now, by Dr Jart via ASOS is one i’ve not had for very long, but have seen the results from instantly. I almost didn’t buy it because it’s a mask-to-foam cleanser and i just wasn’t sure it was what i needed.

My skin has never looked better since using this – i put it on, leave it for 3 mins whilst i brush my teeth, then use warm water to wash it off. Honestly, i don’t know what kind of magic is in this cleanser but i am here for it and now cannot be without it.


Water is so important all year round but the difference feels a lot more apparent to me in the colder months.

In summer, you have the sun to help heal your skin and everything. Not exactly the same story in winter. The sun is there, but it doesn’t really DO anything. I try to drink my 2L a day everyday anyway (emphasis on the “try”) but i notice a difference more in winter.

Drinking at least 2L a day helps to make your pores smaller, your skin clearer and more radiant. It makes your insides healthy, which eventually will come through to the outside.

If you don’t believe, me just try it. Honestly. Drink 2L a day for a week and i can pretty much guarantee you’ll see a difference in your skin.


Face masks, heavy duty moisturisers, serums – the works. I tend to use way more skincare in winter than in summer, as summer seems like a “moisturise and go” kind of situation. Winter is when you should really start taking proper care of your skin.

My all-time favourite face mask for hydration is Glossier’s Moonmask. I know that some people sleep in it for maximum hydration, but even leaving it on for half an hour makes a huge difference.

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I’ve also started using a hyaluronic acid from The Ordinary every morning, and The Body Shop* very kindly sent me some products to try out (#ad?? #gifted?? #help??) from their Drops of Youth range and they’ve been perfect for getting that extra moisture in as well.

On a similar note – stick to your skincare routine! It’s important all year round but your skin needs that extra bit of care in the cold months. She says, having not washed her face this morning because she couldn’t be bothered getting out of bed.


If you take one tip from this post, let it be this one. Exfoliating is something i swear by and you don’t need to use those scratchy scrubs every single day to get a good exfoliation.

I just use a cloth and my cleanser. I always always always double cleanse – first with micellar water and then with a face cloth and whatever cleanser i have on the go. I would highly recommend Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish or the Superdrug Vitamin E cleanser!

I get a lot of dead skin around my nose so exfoliating gently every evening is essential if i want my makeup to look any good the next day.

I’m also obsessed with The Body Shop (worked with them before but this product ain’t gifted, am i doing this right??) Drops of Light peel. When it first came out, there was a lot of debate around whether it actually works or not.

I find it works really well for me, it does actually clear up any dry skin and helps with the healing of spots. I’ve repurchased it a few times now & i don’t feel like i can definitely say it is dead skin that i’m seeing, but i see results and that’s what matters to me.

Skincare is pretty important to me – i have very high-maintenance, acne prone skin so sticking to a routine and taking care of it as best as i can is essential.

*gifted products but there was no obligation to include in a post

How do you take care of your skin in the colder months?

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