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A weekend in Gothenburg, Sweden

A weekend in Gothenburg, Sweden

Sooo i kinda spent last weekend in Sweden.

I know right??? Crazy. It was a super spontaneous trip which Sabrina and i booked in mid-January for like £20 return flights. The deal was too good to say no.

Click here to watch my vlog from the trip!

I’m gonna write a completely separate post on how i dealt with spontaneous travel when i’m a planner, and how the anxiety affected me. But for this one, i just wanna go through a little travel diary of what we did and where we ate, for anyone who wants to go to Gothenburg!

I think it’s a very different place in summer, or so i’ve heard, so i don’t actually know if all this stuff will still be relevant. We also didn’t eat out for dinner once the entire weekend, which is exactly my style, and there will also be a post on that coming if i ever write it.

ANYWAY – our flight out on Friday 1st was mega delayed. I nearly cried, i nearly gave up and went home, because when you’re already nervous and apprehensive, a delayed flight is the last thing you need.

We made it to our AirBnb just after half 11 in the evening, ordered pizza and got into bed. We had Chromecast on the little tv in the room so we managed to get Netflix up and running, which was perfect. Peaky Blinders alllll weekend.


We ventured into what became our favourite place – Haga. The cutest, cosiest little neighborhood with some of the best coffee shops we came across. I’m not even joking when i say we came here for breakfast every single day – can’t resist those cinnamon buns.

After having breakfast in Cafe Husaren, consisting of the biggest cinnamon bun in the world and a poorly chosen white chocolate cookie, we wandered down to (frozen) water and across the bridge.

Over there, we found the fishmarket (which i was reluctant to go into because fish smells horrible) and the #AccidentallyWesAnderson building Sabrina wanted to find. We took a whole bunch of photos, and came back to Haga for a hot chocolate in Le Petit Cafe.

On our second stroll, we found a very adorable cinema with those old school letters and ran circles around it trying to get the best angles. Typical.

The next stop was a little place called Jonsborgsgrillen (I think). It’s basically this little stand with indoor seating where you can get snacks, and sit and watch the world go by. We opted for some chips and sat for a little while.

We ended up coming further into the centre for a drink at Cafe Kopps. We were going to stay there for dinner, but then decided we were both too tired and just wanted to go back.

Being a bit further out, we got to go on the tram! Which was weirdly exciting. Someone (a male) struck up a conversation with us and i was extremely en guard the entire time. I did check about 40 times to make sure he wasn’t following us once we got off. I think i’m a bit dramatic.

For dinner, we ate the remainder of the pizza we ordered the night before and watched more Peaky Blinders. We like to take it easy whilst traveling.


Our final full day! We had breakfast in Haga again, at Cafe Kringlan and this time i opted for a cinnamon bun as well, instead of the shite cookie which made me feel ill. Also a beets smoothie. Which i regretted instantly.

We wanted to head into the centre and have a look at the fairground we saw on the way in – Liseberg. A quick Google told us that it was shut around this time of year, but it looked so cute we wandered down anyway. We found a butt on the way.

A bit lost and confused, we somehow ended up in a Mexican restaurant for lunch when all we wanted was another coffee shop. Mercado Mexico had the nicest decor, but the food wasn’t great.

I got fried chicken and Sabrina got nachos. I’m a bit weird with chicken anyway and the texture didn’t seem right, so i didn’t eat a lot, which the waiter questioned me on. Any other fussy eaters HATE this?? I don’t eat much when i’m out, that doesn’t mean i don’t like it…

We set our sights for Egg & Milk – an old-school American style diner. We got there just before closing but that didn’t stop me getting an Oreo Milkshake and loving every second of it. I wish we’d had longer to spend in here, the whole atmosphere was so lovely.

As it got a bit later into the day, we decided to walk home through Slottsskogen – the huge park just at the bottom of our street. It was a Sunday, and it seemed like everyone was out with their families, sledging. It was so nice to see.

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We stopped at Cafe Bjorngardsvillan in Slottsskogen for a hot chocolate, but it was a Nutella one and i hate Nutella (sorry) so i found it way too sweet! The sun started setting on our walk back to the AirBnb and it was incredible. I took maybe 40 photos of this sunset through the trees. Honestly – breathtaking.


It was snowing so heavily on our last day, and i’m so glad we got to see that! There’s nothing more magical than fresh snow.

Our AirBnb checkout, thankfully, wasn’t until 1pm so we were able to head out in the morning without lugging around our bags.

We went into a thrift store that we walked past on the way to Haga each morning, and there was a LOT of stuff i would’ve bought if i had more space in my bag. Swedish thrift stores seem a lot better than Edinburgh ones, and i am comin’ back with a suitcase next time.

Returning to an old favourite for breakfast – Le Petit Cafe – was really lovely. I loved it in there; the decor, the atmosphere, and because it was a Monday morning, there was nobody else in. Beautiful.

We headed back to pick up our stuff, then sat in Cafeva until we wouldn’t be stupidly early to the airport. We went into a shop we’d walked past a few times, and i bought some bracelets as a little memory of the trip! One is a moon, which i’m obsessed with anyway, and the other is Max’s star sign. I know, cute right?

Thank god for Uber by the way, we just ordered one to pick us up and it was so easy. I gave him 5 stars because he didn’t try and make small talk with us. My idea of heaven.

We were actually delayed for less time than on the way out, which was really a testament to the UK and how shit we are at dealing with weather. Sweden can have a snowstorm and it’s like, nobody panics, the ploughs come out, and the planes go. Easy.

I think Gothenburg is one of my favourite places i’ve ever been. I felt so at ease there, which is rare for me when i’m traveling, and it also didn’t break the bank. The decor everywhere was gorgeous (hygge rules, am i right) and even the buildings themselves. It was a wonderful place, and i’d love to explore more of Sweden.

This feels like a really ‘nothing’ post but i had a lot of photos to use and the more in-depth posts are coming soon! I have a lot of ideas from this trip, which is so nice, but i’m up to eyeballs in collaborations to catch up on so who knows when i’ll have the time!

Have you ever been to Sweden?

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  • Yeah I pretty much hate if a waiter comments on what I eat in any form whatsoever, it just annoys me and makes me so self-conscious! Honestly Sweden looks exactly like I’d pictured it in my head, but I’d love to visit it in person for myself one day.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    • I find it quite insensitive sometimes! I used to really struggle with eating in public and when waiters comment on it it makes me even more self conscious 🙁 it was a beautiful place though, i really want to go back in summer!!

    • Keep an eye out, we managed to get really cheap flights in the RyanAir sale! I hate flying with them but for £12 each way, they’ll do 😂

  • I am going to Gothenburg in 20 days and this post has got me right in the mood. So thank you very much!

    Good on you for going on the trip despite the anxieties it was initially bringing! Girl power xx

    • I hope you have the best time!! It was somewhere i had never even considered going before but i’m so glad i did 🙂

      And thank you!! I really wanted to step out of my comfort zone this year and this trip was the perfect way to do it xx

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