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The trends of 2019 i am here for

We’re barely two months into 2019 and we’ve already seen a huge rise in fashion and lifestyle trends across social media – some of which i am very much enjoying.

A few of these trends have been borrowed from the end of last year as well, but are still very much alive and happenin’ in 2019.


Midi skirts are one of the biggest trends of 2018/2019 – they were all over the place by the end of last year and it looks like they’re here to stay. And then came the satin midi’s. This trend literally took instagram by storm and you can’t even open the app without seeing someone wearing one. And yes, i do have one.

It took me a while to jump onto the midi trend. I wasn’t buying it – i didn’t think midi skirts really suited my shape and i had no idea how to style them. That’s the beauty of trends i guess; with so many people styling the same midi skirts in different ways, it made looking for outfit inspiration so much easier.

I joined the midi trend in January, late to the bandwagon as always but i have been assured that this trend is one that wont be dying out any time soon. I started with a pretty embroidered one, wore it for the first time and bought two more on the same day, bought a satin one, then one more animal print one. I need help.

My all-time favourite way to style them, all of them, is with my white Monki jumper and suede boots. It’s a combination that looks good with literally any of those skirts, and i don’t even care about being a serial outfit repeater.


So, admittedly i don’t really know if neutrals are on trend right now, but i would like them to be so i’m trying to start it. I know that neon is big right now but i’ve never been a fan of neon, so i’m swinging in the other direction.

It seems like neutrals do seem to be big on the trends list every spring so i’m hoping i might be ahead of the curve on this one.

I’m always drawn to things that are camel coloured or beige or nude – i have quite a few nude/camel coloured jumpers and tops that i now wear on a rotational basis – some of them are charity shop finds which is amazing.

My favourite piece i own is one from ASOS – a beige-y/nude soft jumper. I sized up one size for this so it would hang a bit nicer, and i honestly cannot stop wearing it. It’s so effortlessly stylish and with a nice necklace, nice boots, and a wee French tuck (Queer Eye ftw) you’re ready to go.


I feel like this is one of those trends that has probably been going on for longer than i’ve been aware of it, but i started noticing it when Lucy Cole did a midi skirt styling video on her feed.

I don’t watch Insta TV, which is where i think the majority of them are, so seeing one just as i was scrolling was a nice surprise.

Since then, i’ve also seen Petite Ellie start to do a few styling videos on her feed and i am honestly loving this kind of content. It’s so different from anything i’ve seen before and it’s really nice seeing video fashion content combined with nice imagery.

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I’m tempted to jump onto this trend myself, but i never feel like i’m stylish enough. I also don’t have a nice enough background to do my styling videos – my room is quite small and packed full of furniture for all the crap i own.


This one comes after the ASA released a bunch of new rules for influencers/celebrities/bloggers/people that get free shit on the internet.

It’s caused a little bit of a stink, and a little bit of confusion, but basically, we’re all gonna be 100% transparent when it comes to gifted or sponsored content. I wasn’t sure how i felt about this at first, but i’m a curious bean so i think i actually like it.

Us influencers know it’s not really aimed at us, anyway. We always use #ad when being paid for content and #gifted when the payment is a product. The only change now is that everything is an #ad – the products are considered as payment by the ASA and must be tagged accordingly.

The issue is these so-called “celebrities” that rose to fame on Love Island not using #ad for anything. Their audience aren’t stupid – they know you won’t have just stumbled across some amazing weight loss shakes that you just HAVE to share with your own discount code!

I like transparency. I like honesty. And i think these rules are a good thing. I’d like to see which gifted items you’re still using a few months down the line, and which brand you loved collaborating with so much that you bought their products with your own money.

What trends are you enjoying so far this year?

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  • I’m HERE for animal print and neon. You and Lucy Cole have got me into leopard print and now I own things in leopard print that I never thought I would, e.g. a leopard print silk scarf. The neon trend is like marmite but I think it’s going to look sick at festivals in the summer, concerts and nights out!

    Fran |

  • We definitely have a similar taste in clothes – I loved all the pieces/trends you included in this blog post. Thanks for giving me some new ideas! xx


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