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What i wore this week #3

“No jeans” edition

It’s that time again – time to bring out the “what i wore” filler post because i’m low on ideas and inspiration but wanted to write something. These are probably my favourite posts to do though because i don’t need anyone else’s help, i get to showcase my outfits and experiment with flatlays. A v good all rounder.

This week, everyone was back to work and ruining the quiet commute i had for 2 days the week before (thanks guyz), meaning i couldn’t get away with turning up to work in my pyjamas and unbrushed hair any longer.

So, for this blog post i’m gonna be talking you through what i wore each day this week – a “no jeans” edition. Just a disclaimer, my work is relatively casual and i dress just how i would outside of work, which is a blessing and a curse. I feel comfortable in my work clothes but now everything feels like work clothes???

I normally just throw on jeans and a jumper to work, but a trapeze-related injury and need to feel good about myself means i’ve ditched the jeans this week in favour of comfier, and more stylish pieces.


The dreaded Monday.

Today was tough. I had a nightmare and woke up upset with Max for something dream-Max did, I had a shitty day at work and cried a little bit. Overall, 2/10 day.

I was crazy organized this week because i was really into outfit planning on Sunday, plus i got some new colourful pens and wanted to do something in my daily planner. So i sat down and planned out what i wore for every single day this week – pretty chuffed with myself and i’ve saved a good 10 mins in the morning trying to decide what to wear!

Today i kept it a bit more simple and dug out some of my bargain New Look trousers from the sales last autumn. They were £10 and fit extremely well, i don’t need to wear a belt with them and they make my bum look pretty bangin.

I just wore them with a plain black long sleeved tshirt from Primark, and my ASOS suede Chelsea boots. I’ve had these Chealsea boots for the longest time and i wear them constantly – so simple but so perfect.


I did a brave thing today. Well, brave for me, not so much everyone else. I only went and wore a midi skirt to work!

I’ve become a little midi skirt obsessed recently, i didn’t think they’d look good on me but turns out they’re alright and they’re super comfy. Since realizing this, i have grown a collection of 5 midi skirts which i will now be wearing on a rotational basis.

So, the one i picked today was inspired by my friend Louise – it’s from Primark, super cheap and understated but not boring and plain. I wore it with my white Monki jumper, because that’s what Louise wore it with, and my suede boots again. All tied together with a nice wee red belt and we’re good to go.

I get a bit nervous when it comes to wearing stylish stuff to work. I have been branded the ‘stylish’ one, but things like midi skirts always seem a little too far out there. Turns out, they’re perfect and i’m going to try and wear at least one a week.


Today, i’m re-wearing an outfit that i’ve worn multiple times over the past week – my black jumpsuit. It’s so effortlessly stylish, honestly. The only time i hate it is when i need to pee.

I love this jumpsuit to death and will probably also end up wearing this at least once a week. I really don’t care about repeating outfits anymore, clearly…

I decided to subtly mix some prints today and wore my leopard print boots with a polka dot vest underneath the jumpsuit. You can’t really see the vest, but i know it’s there, so i know it’s cool.

This jumpsuit cost me a grand total of £12 and it’s the best purchase i’ve made in a long time. I’ve probably already made my money back in terms of cost per wear (if that’s even how that works, i’m spraffing a little). Eternally thankful they had my size in stock.

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This jumpsuit cost me a grand total of £12 and it’s the best purchase i’ve made in a long time. I’ve probably already made my money back in terms of cost per wear (if that’s even how that works, i’m spraffing a little). Eternally thankful they had my size in stock.


I’m not crazy about my outfit today. When i envisioned it, it looked a lot nicer than this, but i wanted to stick to what i wrote in my planner on Sunday. Hoping i’ll learn to love it as the day goes on.

So, today i wore a white turleneck which is dangerously see-through from New Look underneath my Nobody’s Child polka-dot jumpsuit. Not a bad outfit, but still could be better.

I don’t feel as confident in this as i have done in the rest of my outfits for this week but that’s okay. I’m learning how to style better and setting myself challenges like not wearing jeans, in the hope of discovering some pieces i love and being braver with my fashion choices.


I was most excited about this outfit all week – i absolutely love this skirt and feel amazing when i wear it. I bought it second-hand from Depop, the only smaller size i could find, and i could not be happier with it.

I’m also re-wearing the Monki jumper i wore on Tuesday because it goes so well with every midi skirt. I’ll most likely be wearing this next week with the satin midi as well…..

One thing i do regret is not checking the weather before i planned my outfits. It’s very nearly below freezing and i wore something that requires my legs to be on show. Oh well. I am a strong woman i can take the cold.

I think i’ve done pretty well to not wear jeans all week. I have been slightly tempted to just chuck on jeans and a jumper, but planning out my outfits in depth has really helped me save time in the morning and prevent the panicked, boring outfit.

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Which outfit was your favourite?

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