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Why my mindset towards shopping has changed

I am a shopaholic.

I love getting new clothes, i love looking online for new things to buy. My wardrobe used to be so full that the doors wouldn’t even shut. I couldn’t find anything in my drawers because there was so much crammed in there. It was really bad.

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Over the Christmas holidays, i had a huge clear-out of my wardrobe and drawers – getting rid of everything i hadn’t worn in the past few months and being extremely ruthless about it. My mindset towards shopping completely changed whilst doing that clear-out. I found things i had forgotten i had and things that still had tags on them. It prompted me to think more carefully about my shopping habits.

Obviously, a big thing in the media recently was the Stacey Dooley documentary on fast fashion. Ever since, a select few bloggers have put their focus into encouraging people to stop buying so much and think about shopping in a different way. I will admit i didn’t watch the documentary, but i was hearing what they were saying and i think it’s had a positive effect.

The change came from me realizing it’s gonna be pretty hard to build a life when i’m living paycheck to paycheck. I had no substantial savings, nothing in place to buy a house later in life and i wasn’t even nearly at my goal of buying a MacBook. I also want to be able to go traveling in a few years, and there’s no chance of that happening if i don’t have any money set aside.

I also know it’s barely 3 weeks into January, but i’ve actually been really good so far. My Timehop shows me that i bought a heck of a lot in the January sales last year, like a sickening amount. This year, i placed one order under £20 and bought a skirt from Depop. That’s it. I’m not aiming to completely quit because i know that’s tough, so i’m allowing myself Depop. Secondhand is best, i think.

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My main goals in terms of money this year are to pay off my iPad, which is on PayPal Credit and has been ignored for the last little while, and to hopefully buy a MacBook. I’d also like at least £500 in my savings. Starting small so that i have more of a chance of achieving it.

It’s about time i grow the hell up and stop wasting my money away on things that i don’t even need. It’s taken me over a year of professional full-time working to realize this, but at least i have. Better late than never, right?

What are your tips to stop shopping?

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  • Such a fab post lovely. I’m definitely a shopaholic and my wardrobe will barely close at the moment, its in desperate need of a clear out thats for sure! I want to cut down on how much I buy, purely because I don’t need any more clothes and also because its just not good for the environment. Especially after watching Stacey’s documentary, its shocking what the textile industry is doing to our planet!

    Lucy | Forever September

    • I’m trying to stop buying, and if i do want sometimes i try to check secondhand sites first of all! It helps my bank account and also helps the environment so i really need to start taking it seriously!!

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