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Developing my personal style part two*

At the start of 2018 (a whole year ago) i wrote about my personal style and about how i hated the clothes i wore and wanted to be more fashion conscious. I thought my personal style sucked and wanted to be more like those insta-gals that can wear flares.

I wanted to go through 2018 wearing some more things i’d never normally wear and pushing my fashion boundaries a little bit. I think it’s safe to say, i did not do that.

What i did do was, bought a few pairs of culottes, some nice boots, became obsessed with animal print. And that’s pretty much it. There was nothing out of the ordinary but i’ve come to realise that’s actually okay. I don’t have to be this amazing fashionista on instagram because that’s not really me.

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I thought i’d revisit the topic of my personal style at the start of 2019 and talk about what’s up for the next year or so with my wardrobe. It’s gonna be quite different from the normal spendy spendy year i have.

Also just quickly, this post is in collaboration with the lovely team from Harvey Nichols, who treated me to a complimentary Style Concierge appointment at the end of last year. I went in, got to try on a bunch of pretty dresses to see what style suited me, and then i can apply that to any future shopping.

It’s a pretty cool feature that i didn’t know about prior to being contacted by Harvey Nichols, and it can really help for things like events or special occasions as well as day-to-day things. I told them an overview of the kind of thing i was looking for, and they went away to find it. So easy and everyone was really lovely. Side note, i’m now obsessed with cowgirl vibes.

So, 2019. What are we gonna wear in 2019?

The same things i’ve been wearing through 2018.

I had a huge wardrobe clear out a few days ago and donated about 6 bags full of clothes – tshirts, jumpers, jeans, trousers; most of them are gone. My wardrobe looks a little sad now but i want this to encourage me to re-style some of the things i’ve loved over the past few years. I’m done wasting so much money on clothes. It’s really not fulfilling at all, and i had started to feel like i just had too many clothes to know what i wanted to wear every day. First world problems though, am i right?

I want to be very focused on money in 2019, in terms of saving for my future and the slightly bigger things i want. I know that it’s extremely unrealistic to say i wont buy any new clothes in 2019 at all, because i know that’s not true. But my spending was getting out of control and i’m done with that. Goodbye ASOS app, it’s been fun.

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