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2019 bucket list

I can’t remember if i said whether or not i was going to do a bucket list this year (i don’t normally), but i got an Apple Pencil for Christmas and have gotten very into doing wee graphics and stuff, so a bucket list is happening.

It’s gonna be mostly achievable things and stuff i genuinely want to start planning, so i feel really accomplished ticking everything off. I want 2019 to be the year of traveling and self-discovery. Which sounds really deep and realistically i’ll probably just get a bunch of other tattoos and cry about money. The norm.

Get an elephant tattoo.

I don’t want to go as crazy with tattoos this year as i did last year; so far, i’m only planning one. Elephants are my all-time favourite animals, i’m pretty obsessed with them and always have at least one elephant thing around me. It seems only fitting that i have one on me permanently. I just have to decide what style i want and where i want it!

Visit Brighton.

Brighton is somewhere i’ve dreamed of visiting since i became obsessed with Zoella years ago. She spoke so highly of it that i decided i just had to visit, and seeing more and more photos of it over the past few years have just solidified my need to go. 2019 is gonna hopefully be the year of trips and holidays, so i’m making sure that Brighton is one of them.

Get my second ear piercing.

Done with tattoos for now, may as well move onto piercings. Not really, my nose and just a few on my ears is enough. I want to get my second lobe piercing done because it just seems like the natural progression – i’m not sure my ears will be able to take anything else as i’ve had a few nasty infections over the years.

Read the latest Seven Sisters book.

My mum and i are both obsessed with these books and i read the first 4 in the series last year. The 5th came out in November, but it’s HUGE. Like the biggest of them all so far. I keep putting off starting it because it’s too big and i don’t have time, which is bullshit. So this year, i’m going to make sure i read it.

Go one month spend-free.

I set myself this goal pretty much every year and i haven’t managed to do it yet, but watch this space because i feel like i have a whole new mindset towards spending this year. Of course, there are a few exceptions to the “no-spending” rule, mostly applies to not buying any new clothes at all and no skincare or makeup that i don’t need. Things like petrol, food, and other things needed to live aren’t included.

Dye my hair pink again.

It’s been a little while since i had the classic pastel pink hair. When i worked in retail, i dyed it pink (wash-out) almost every other week. Since working in a school, i’ve cooled it a little bit, but i did ask when i first started and they said pastel pink was fine so i think it’s time for a little hair change-up…

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Reach 10k followers on Instagram.

This is quite an exciting one because i never thought i would make it anywhere near to this goal. But right now, in January, i’m at over 7k and i started off the year with maybe 3k. So if i grow at the rate i have done over the past year, i should get there. Hello swipe up links. I bet as soon as i bust my ass getting to 10k, they’ll let everyone have swipe ups.

Climb Arthur’s Seat.

I’ve lived just across the water from Edinburgh my whole life. Been working here for just about 2 years. I come over every weekend as well. And i have never climbed Arthur’s Seat. I’m just not much of an outdoors person, so it’s never appealed to me, but i think it’s about time i get it done.

Pay off my iPad.

I bought an iPad at the start of last year with the intention of having it paid off by now. It’s not even nearly paid off. So my focus for the majority of the year is going to be making sure i’m no longer in debt to Apple, and my iPad is completely mine. It’s not nice having that kind of finance hanging over my head, so i want it gone.

Buy a MacBook.

I really wanted to buy a MacBook last year, but i’m not buying one until i pay off my iPad because being in THAT much debt is really stupid, and i’ll never get out of it. So this goal kind of ties into the last one – i won’t get a MacBook until my iPad is paid off, and i have at least have the amount in savings ready to pay off straight away. I can be stupid with money, but at least i’m not crazy impulsive.

What’s on your 2019 bucket list?

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  • Yes for visiting Brighton!! You’ll absolutely love it 🙂 I’m finally getting the tattoo I’ve wanted for the past 10 years, plus getting one of my old tattoos finally reworked this year, I can’t wait 🙂

    I hope you manage to do all your 2019 bucket list items 🙂 xx


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