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Why i dislike christmas

Disclaimer: i don’t really. I just see a lot of “why i love this christmas” posts all the time and thought it might be nice to stray from the norm and talk about all the reasons why i don’t like it.

Bit of a weird one today as we’re ditching the Christmas cheer and talking about all the things i do not like about it. Overall though, i really enjoy this time of year and feel festive from literally the 1st of November. I just think nobody ever really talks about how Christmas can kinda suck sometimes, and you’re made to feel a little weird if you don’t like it or feel remotely miserable at this time of year.

I always feel like this time of year is just so hyped up. There’s about a 2 month build up to this one day that ends up being, in my opinion, a pretty big let down. It’s obviously different if someone in your immediate family still believes in Santa (spoiler alert: he’s not real) or you have a big family that all gather on Christmas Day to have dinner together and stuff. For me, it’s just my little family and i miss when everyone would come over for dinner.

I find Christmas to be a really nostalgic time and that feeling makes me sad, in this case. Christmas used to be a really busy time. We’d wake up super early and open our presents, which was even nicer when my little sister still believed in Santa. Then we’d likely have bacon rolls for breakfast, go nap for a bit or watch whatever movie was on TV. Last year it was the live-action Jungle Book. My grandparents would come over and my gran would help my mum with dinner, i’d go into the kitchen when my cousin came over and we’d have a gossip whilst dinner was cooking. My uncle would also be there – the busyness was my favourite thing.

Then we’d all cram round our little dinner table and pull our crackers, heckling anyone who refused to put their crown on, taking turns telling our awful jokes. Dinner would be served and after a moderate food coma, we’d all play Trivial Pursuit or some other game that would end in arguments. Then the good TV starts – Strictly, Doctor Who, and whatever else decided to do Christmas specials.

Now it’s a lot quieter as people prefer to have their Christmasses with their own little families. And i miss it.

I hate how busy the shops are, all the time. Doesn’t matter what time you go at, in December you are going to have an hours wait to actually buy whatever little thing you’ve nipped out for. I pretty much refuse to do my Christmas shopping in the actual shops and do all my Christmas shopping online, from the comforts of my room or my office. The stress of everyone trying to buy their gifts as quickly as possible and get out just adds to the hell known as retail.

When i worked retail, i would always consider Christmastime to be one of the best times because although that stress is there, underneath it is always joy and happiness. People were, in general, a lot nicer. Albeit less tolerant. But what really sucks is that the constant loop of Christmas music played in whatever store you work in can make you hate it. Once you start hating Christmas music, there’s no hope for you.

Working Christmas Eve and, more often than not, Boxing Day really sucked. What was supposed to be the best day of the year was sandwiched with being stuck in the worst place in the world, whilst everyone else gets to enjoy the Boxing Day sales or spending another day at home with their family. Now that i’m out of retail and get 2 weeks off over Christmas, i’m full of sadness for the people that have their family time cut short to go to work.

I briefly had a waitressing job in a hotel a few years ago, before my retail job. I lasted 2 days because they said everyone has to work Christmas Day and i cried until my parents told me i could hand in my notice. I cannot even imagine getting up on CHRISTMAS DAY and putting on my work uniform. The ultimate respect to anyone that does it – i never, ever want to.

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I just don’t feel as fussed for it anymore, to be honest. I do think that comes with getting older; as soon as the youngest sibling stops believing in Santa, it all becomes a little less magical. When you get older it becomes less about the gifts you receive and more about the gifts you give. Whenever i was asked that question, i would always say i preferred getting gifts, because who wouldn’t?? Presents are the best thing about Christmas. Or so i thought.

I’ve 100% changed into a gift giver and no longer care about what i get. I open whatever presents i have as quickly as i can so i can dish out what i’ve gotten the family, as now that i earn a bit more money i can afford to get them some more special things. Last year i got them a Name a Star package, which i was so excited about. I was originally going to name it for them, after our first dog who passed away in January the year before last. I decided not to but they named it after her anyway.

Since i’m not a kid anymore, Christmas isn’t really about me and i don’t think i’ll fully enjoy it again until i have kids of my own and can see how excited they are about Santa. Max gets really annoyed whenever i tell him i don’t tend to enjoy Christmas as much anymore – i’m not a Grinch at all and i’m actually listening to Christmas music right now, but the day itself? Not a big deal, really. I prefer the build up, to be honest.

Hopefully my point came across here – i’m not a Christmas hater, more of a Christmas nostalgist and i seem to be mourning the Christmases past. I still love the magical feeling at this time of year, the time spent with family and the Christmas markets. It really is one of the best times of the year.

What do you dislike about Christmastime? 

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  • I loveeee Christmas, but I do find the build-up is better than the day itself. I like the festivities that lead up to the day a lot, they make it all so cosy and exciting. For me though it’s the meal on the day that lets it down. I’m not a huge fan of roasts and I find the clear up is torture!

  • Just stumbled across your blog, this was a really interesting post to read! I love Christmas but can totally relate to this, especially the Christmas songs on loop when you work in retail! xx
    Carissa |


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