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Black Friday accessorizing*

I wasn’t sure which direction to take this post in. I’ve wanted to do a post about jewellery since i got my macro lens last year – it’s perfect for close up, detailed shots and i was desperate to play around with it. Moral of the story; keep dreaming, because evemtually, a jewellery brand will want to work with you and you’ll get to use your beautiful macro lens. It was just as much fun as i had hoped.

Anyway, when i write about anything (especially for a brand), i like it to have another level to it. At the start of this year i vowed to write posts with a bit more substance that people could actually sit a read for a few minutes and enjoy, not just an empty shell of what jewellery i wear. But i really struggled with this one, i had the photos all set up in my mind and forgot about the words that have to go with them. It was a challenge.

I eventually decided to chat about my mindset towards accessorizing as a whole – a lot of people say it makes or breaks an outfit but i was just never bothered by it, especially when it came to jewellery. I’ve always been really sentimental when it came to jewellery and would exclusively wear things bought for me by loved ones or bought somewhere i considered special.

I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that, and if you’re the same and you’re happy then you continue to do you. The jewellery i wore wasn’t really adding anything to my outfits. Apart from happiness i guess…

I’ve had a slight change of heart recently and i’m starting to appreciate things that aren’t necessarily meaningful, but absolutely add an extra bit of sass or flair to an outfit. I’m realising just how fun playing around with jewellery can be, and now i’m like ok who the hell let me stay away from this for so long?! I still wear the meaningful stuff but i’ll layer them with other necklaces or a watch. Side note: layering necklaces is so much fun and now i rarely wear just one.

When it comes to accessorizing with other things, such as watches or bags or scarves, i am just as useless. My dad wanted to get me a really nice watch a few years ago and i wore it for the longest time. Now, i never wear them. I don’t like how they look on me, which is kind of weird because they’re really practical given that i always end up checking my phone for the time and wasting an hour on instagram.

I choose bags for their practicality and not how well they go with my outfit. More often than not, i’ll just grab a pretty disgusting old tote bag and be on my way. If it fits all my stuff, it’ll do. It’s a bit harder with events and things like that, because i want a nicer bag but it needs to fit my camera. I don’t have a particularly big camera but it’s bigger than your average night-out bag.

So, i’ve collaborated with Jewellery Box for this post as they have some pretty sweet Black Friday deals. We’re supposed to buy gifts for other people, but we all know a little treat for ourselves will end up falling into the basket.

I’ve been an admirer of Jewellery Box for a while now, and had a chat with them at BlogConLDN earlier this year. The team are so lovely and they have the most stunning jewellery. They want everyone to know that you can get good quality jewellery (that won’t turn your fingers and ear holes green) for amazing prices.

I was very kindly sent a few pieces to try out and honestly, i’ve been wearing them religiously since i got them.

First up is a set of super Christmassy earrings, which i think is very fitting for this time of year. I’m not afraid to get festive before it’s socially acceptable (aka November) so i’ve been alternating between these and the other pair of earrings i got.

The other pair have very quickly become my favourites, they’re so damn cute. They’re little diplodocus’ (diplodoci??) and i knew i had to have them as soon as i saw them. You don’t get much cuter than wee dinosaurs.

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I was also sent a gorgeous little rose gold necklace that has an angel wing on it – i wear this as a staple piece and it’s perfect for layering with some other bits. It’s really dainty and i love rose gold, more than anything else.

The final thing i picked out was a bracelet, also rose gold and has a little evil eye. I don’t know why i was so drawn to it but as soon as i saw it i was like yup, that’s mine. The eye itself is diamond encrusted and it looks so good stacked up with the rest of my little silver bracelets.

The deal that’s on at Jewellery Box, starting tomorrow, is preeeetty good. From the 23rd to the 26th of November, if you spend £5 on a full price item (pretty easy tbh), you get up to 55% off 30 of their most popular products – including the items i’ve shown!

I’ll definitely be using the offer to get some bits for my little sister for Christmas – she just got her ears pierced and is very excited about being able to change earrings. My mum even asked if i was “planning on keeping” the diplodocus ones. Yeah mum, i think i am…

*this post contains gifted items but all words and opinions are my own.

Where will you be shopping on Black Friday?

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