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The Monthly #5: 2018

The Monthly #5: 2018

Yaaay for the second last monthly of the year! Doing it once every two months has been the best idea i’ve ever had, not gonna lie. Takes the stress of trying to pull together random days of the month away and it means the content is actually readable and not just empty sentences.

I’m publishing this a little later than i intended to this month because, in all honesty, i forgot about it. I’ve been so busy writing and planning other ideas for the next few months that this little filler post just completely slipped my mind. It was a weirdly nice feeling.

So, let’s flash back to the start of September! I started a whole new style of instagram editing at the start of September, and my engagement has been thriving because of it. I’m not sure how many followers I had previously, i think around 4k, and i have very recently just hit 6k. I know a lot of people say you don’t need an instagram theme to be successful and gain followers, but for me, that’s what works best. I’m not saying i’m totally follower oriented though, i love my dark and moody style of editing and do it for that reason.

I had a severe addiction to leopard print in September. And i mean, crazy. Everything i bought and everything i wore was leopard print. If you scroll back on my instagram (which is exactly what i do to write these posts) you’ll see that every single post has at least one leopard print thing in it. Ah well, what ya gonna do? Wear leopard print for the next year to get my moneys worth, that’s what.

I treated myself to a hair appointment, which is something i now consider to be a luxury. When i was on part time wages, i used to get my hair done pretty almost monthly. I have genuinely no idea how i was able to afford it given that my hair is about £80 a go. Appointments are a lot more rare nowadays, even though my pay has gone up, because i have less time. I always loved going midweek because the roads were quieter, it was easier to get parked and i still had my weekends free.

Anyway, i went blonder and icier and i love it. I’m not quite where i want to be yet, but i’m yet to decide what i actually want my hair to look like. Sigh.

I’ve had a lot of fashion collaborations in the past few months. My instagram is more focused on fashion than it ever has been before and let me tell you, it is working wonders. I’ve done posts for I Saw It First, NAK-D and Everything 5 Pounds, which is crazy. I don’t do it for recognition but you can’t deny that it feels bloody lovely when your hard work is recognised. I’ve been putting a lot of my time into my instagram recently and it’s been nice getting something back from it!

I went to an event with my friend Louise last month, the first in a looong time! It was by a PR company called Alex Silver PR, who represent KISS nails and lashes. I had some mocktails, got my eyelashes done, and the lovely Alex Silver ladies gave me a red paisley headscarf when i complimented theirs! Moral of the story: always be nice, you might get free shit out of it.

I fell back in love with reading last month, and spent a good few hours every night trying to finish the Seven Sisters’ books before my birthday. I managed it before October even started, and they are the best books i have genuinely ever read. I wasn’t convinced at first but as soon as you start reading the first book, you’re hooked. I read all 4 in just a few months and my mum and i are eagerly waiting for number 5 to come out in November. It’s a tricky plot to describe so i’d recommend googling it – i’m not even gonna try!

Kiiiinda got another new tattoo this month. In my defense, i thought i was just going for a chat and to book in for an appointment. I wasn’t asked for a deposit beforehand and they said to just come in for a chat. But then i rock up and she’s like okay i’ll go get the stuff ready! I was a bit like….stuff??? If i hadn’t just been paid i would’ve been out there like a cartoon; a Lauren shaped hole in the wall. Thankfully it was totally fine and my favourite tattoo to date, which i say every time i get a new one. I wrote a post about what it means and the experience getting it, which you can find HERE.

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I turned 21 this month! The big birthday, the one everyone makes a big deal out of. A lot of people will go out on benders for their 21st because it’s kind of a big deal, but that’s really not me. I said to Max at the start of the year that i don’t care about presents, i just want a nice time. As you get older, it’s less about the gifts you get and more about how you spend the day. I had the best birthday i could’ve ever asked for this year – i spent my actual birthday on a walk with the dogs, at the site of some of Scotlands witch trials (SO COOL), had some lunch in a milkshake bar, then had a takeaway with my family and Max. Then got a bit drunk and played Friends Trivial Pursuit with my mum and Max. I won.

So this year, Max (aka the best boyfriend in the world) booked for us to fly to Belfast for a night and go see Cirque du Soleil. I have always wanted to go see one of their shows, but Max has never been keen so i just assumed we’d never go. I was totally not expecting it at all! I vlogged our time there, which you can find HERE, but be warned, I’m a little drunk for most of it.

My parents got me a new lens for my birthday, which i asked for, so my insta game could be furthered even more. It’s the 17mm and it’s perfect for outfit selfies, which is exactly what i needed. The shots i was taking on my phone were not living up to the standards of my feed. So far i’m loving it and can’t wait to try vlogging on it! I think i might do a full review with the 45mm lens at some point over the next few months, once i’ve really broken it in.

I joined the gym this month! I used to be a big fan of the gym and would go almost every day before/after my part time job, but then i jumped ship over to full time hours in Edinburgh and it didn’t make sense to keep paying for a gym in Dunfermline. It’s been well over a year since i’ve been, and i just got a bit sick of feeling so unfit all the time. It took me a few months to actually take the leap and get the membership, it’s only been a week since i did, but so far so good! I’m enjoying being active again and although i don’t have any specific goals in mind right now (just general fitness levels), it’s gonna be nice to see a change in my body.

Aaand that’s it for this month! That was bloody long, wasn’t it? I hope people actually enjoy reading these – i know i do but then again, it is my life. Only one left for this year and then i’ll do a wee content review and decide if i wanna take them into next year! So do let me know if they’re something you enjoy and something you’d like to see next year.

How were your September & October?

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