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I very, very recently got yet another tattoo (the last of this year, i promise) and always knew i wanted to dedicate a whole post to it. From the minute i decided on the style & design, i knew it was going to be the most meaningful of my little collection so far.

I researched artists extensively for this one – i always do my research (as should you) but for this tattoo especially, it needed to be perfect. I emailed some inspiration photos to Blkwrk Tattoo studio in Haymarket, Edinburgh, and the lovely Melissa designed me the most beautiful piece of art ever. Honestly, i could not have picked a better artist to do this piece. The whole experience was amazing from start to finish, she was so easy to talk to which definitely calms any pre-tattoo nerves. Which i still get. Even though i now have 8.

So this was actually an add-on to my existing tattoo that i got in Budapest last year – a linework drawing of a woman leaning on her hand that everybody thought was a carrot. Just for the record, i didn’t get this added on because of what people said about it. I’ve always known it was unfinished, i never looked at it and felt like it was complete, so it’s been in my head longer than anyone’s iffy comments!

This tattoo, for me, represents imagination and creativity.The way i see it is that the foliage is spilling out of where her head should be, showing how overwhelming and beautiful it is to have a brain full of new ideas and inspirations.

My favourite aspect of my personality is my creativity. I’ve always had a very active imagination, sometimes over-active, and i can’t imagine ever losing it. I mentioned in a previous post (when i was younger) that i loved creative writing as a child and would always write way too much, which is thankfully something that was encouraged.

When you get to high school, creative writing essays are few and far between and heavily restricted, in word count and content. It’s a lot harder to just let your mind run free, and having your imagination restricted throughout high school makes it harder to grab hold of it again.

As a passionate reader as well, the high school culture of “reading makes you a geek” was all too present in my mind for years. Being voted most intelligent in my primary school yearbook (literally no idea how, i’m not stupid but i definitely was not the most intelligent in my year) had already laid the foundations to a girl who just wanted to be seen as ‘cool’. So, goodbye reading, for the best part of 5 years.

Leaving school did me the world of good, in more ways than one, but being out of that toxic culture and environment meant i was able to revive my love of reading and attempt to do so with my creativity (hence the blog).

I’m obsessed with this tattoo and everything it represents to me. A good imagination is one of the strongest traits you could have – the ability to read a book and create that whole world in my head, in a way that is unique to me, is something i will never take for granted. I’ll probably always love the feeling of getting so engrossed in a book, you forget where you are.

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I love the design, the linework and the symbolism. It accidentally has way more meanings than the one i intended on, which i also love.

I asked for my birth flowers to be included in the design to make it more meaningful. I, of course, googled them first to make sure they were nice flowers and not weeds or something that doesn’t look so nice as a tattoo. Thankfully, the October birth flowers are the marigold and cosmos flowers, both of which look beautiful on my arm. I love anything to do with my birthday – my birth stone, my birth flowers, my birth sign. Literally anything, i am all over it.

The final way it’s meaningful to me is due to all the foliage surrounding the main flowers. This part was designed entirely by my artist, i basically gave her free reign providing my two flowers were included in the design. There’s different styles of leaves as well as some berries which, coincidentally, are now starting to appear on all the trees. The little red berries always remind me of the start of autumn, aka the most magical time of year.

When it’s just starting to get colder, but the sun still shines and warms you up. When the leaves are just starting to fall, but they’ve not been there for long enough to get soggy yet. When the sun is just starting to rise on my morning commute and the sky is the most gorgeous shades of pink and orange.

A fitting tribute to the most wonderful time of the year. Sorry Andy Williams.

I’ve never been one of those people that thinks every tattoo they get has to be meaningful. I get designs that i love, and if they have a meaning then it’s an added bonus. I must admit though, i do love this one more because of the meaning. I feel happy whenever i look at it, and feel so thankful that i found an artist that made my tattoo dreams come true.

Do you have any tattoos?

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  • Girl, you’re tattoo is absolutely adorable and as always I loooove your pictures. They just look so professional. I got a tattoo myself and I’m thinking about getting some more. It’s a floral wreath of Australian flowers and about as detailed as yours. Loved that post girl xx

  • I love this so much! All your tattoos are gorgeous (I want so many more!!) but this one and the meaning is just perfect, it really resonates with me!

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