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My autumn style staples

*and transitional must-haves, but that’s a bloody long title innit?

I think I’ll definitely be the last person to publish a post like this one – always the last person to hop on the bandwagon, especially with autumn trend posts. I knew being super prepared for September would come back to bite me, in the form of nobody reading this because they’ve already read 700 identical ones. Oh well. 

I’ve been really trying to go out of my comfort zone with my style this autumn, not so much that I don’t feel confident or like myself but just enough so that I get excited about getting dressed every morning. I’ve been buying loads of new pieces, definitely too many, and I am geared up and ready for the leaves to change colour and the jumpers and scarves to start coming out. It’s my favourite season of them all, which is what everybody says. We all love a good orange-y brown sea of leaves on the ground, don’t we? That and when the trees turn pink, which definitely sounds a lot more appealing when you describe it.

First up is a style I’m still getting used to, and still don’t feel quite brave enough to rock on the daily yet, but hopefully that changes as I see other people styling similar pieces and feel a bit more inspired! I bought these two wrap midi skirts impulsively from ASOS when I was on holiday (in about 7 different sizes because I just wasn’t sure) because they looked really good on the model and then was too scared to wear them for a good few weeks. Especially the leopard print one – it was a very ‘out there’ item that I was having doubts over, but once I put it on I just felt so good and so powerful. Similar to when I wore my leopard coat for the first time; I felt very timid and out of my comfort zone at first, then realised how much I liked it and how good I looked. Thus beginning the strut.

I sized down on both of these so they would hang better on my legs – the size 8/10 were too big and baggy and felt a little bit like I’d just tied a sack round my waist and hoped for the best. So although the size 6 is a bit of a battle to fasten in the morning and I feel like I could explode by midday, I love how they look. They show just the right amount of leg, albeit it is a bit risky when it’s windy.

I tend to style the leopard one with very simple monochrome tshirts, so I don’t take away from the focal point of the outfit (the skirt). I did add a pop of colour when shooting the outfit in the form of some little studded red boots that I definitely had not worn enough until now – I’m completely obsessed with all these individual pieces as well as them all together. I think it’ll be an outfit I grow to love very quickly.

As for the black skirt, it goes with almost everything. Leopard shirt, slogan tshirt, plain tshirt, jumper; anything. It’s this one that I would choose to wear on a casual day – to work or for general errand running that I never do but like saying because I sound grown up.

Another style I’m still getting used to – blazers. I wasn’t even planning on these becoming an autumn style staple, it just sort of happened. I bought a black one to try and style, as I thought black would be easier to start with, and then saw a baby blue one in the sale. And then found a leopard print one. So that’s where we are now – 3 blazers that I love equally and wear to work all the time. I hate cardigans with a passion, they don’t suit me whatsoever but I needed something to cover my arms when I wear tshirts and things. I don’t like to have my tattoos out at work (personal preference), plus I get super cold all the time.

Styling a blazer is super easy, especially when it comes to dressing it up or down. I always gravitate towards jeans, a tshirt and boots. It’s the most simple combination ever, but the blazer adds a certain professionalism and warmth. If I knew anything about layering, I’d say they’d be easy to layer. But I don’t. I’m just assuming that I’ll get on okay with it in winter.

Thankfully, I never had a blazer in high school so I’m not traumatised by them. I wouldn’t wear the black one with a white shirt though. That’s overkill. Considering I work at a school.

A classic autumn staple and amazing transitional piece – the chunky jumper. My jumper collection is extensive and seems to grow every year as I find new ones I love and need to have. I wear them all the time when it gets colder and I’m looking forward to attempting to layer them with the blazers, I think that could work pretty well. You just cannot go wrong with jeans and a jumper, trousers and a jumper, a skirt and a jumper, a jumper over a dress – there’s too many options.

This Monki jumper has a slight high neck and balloon sleeves – it’s super comfy, cosy and I think everyone needs a basic cream jumper in their wardrobe. This is definitely my idea of the perfect cream jumper. I’m still hunting for my perfect black one.

Similarly, jumper dresses. I’ve been searching for my perfect jumper dress for a really long time, and I finally feel like I’ve done it! The clothing company I Saw It First reached out to me, asking if I wanted to pick some bits to style, and this was not one of them. Yup, I also bought extras on top of what I picked to style because I liked a lot of things. Sigh. This jumper dress was such a bargain price though – £10! It fits better than any other jumper dress I’ve tried before, and I definitely want to buy the nude one as well. The black is a perfect base piece to style with nice jackets, boots and belts, and I am obsessed with it. I even made Louise buy one.

Delving into the bottom half items, I’ve been trying to get a little braver with culottes again. I used to wear them all the time, after originally not knowing how to style them, and now I’m kind of back to having no clue. It’s just the shoes, it’s always the shoes. I’m not much of a heels person, although I am trying to be, so I never knew what to pair with culottes.

These Topshop culottes were a recent sale purchase, and I’m enjoying them so much. They’re very different from the standard black culottes I would normally ease myself in with, but I’m finding them actually really easy to style. I’m gonna really enjoy mixing these up with some jumpers, roll necks and different tshirts. They’re a thin, crepe material so not ideal for freezing cold days, but who even cares when they’re that cute?

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I touched on boots briefly in the above paragraph, so just wanna swoop in and share my new babies with you all. As I said, I’m trying to be more of a causal heels kind of person, and there’s 2 pairs of boots that are helping me do it. The first are a suede pair that I’ve had from H&M for years now, they’re the perfect height to be a causal heel as opposed to a night out heel. Not that I know the difference. I can drive in them, I can kind of walk in them, so it’s all good.

The second pair are a recent addition from New Look, inspired by the lovely Emily. I’ve been searching for the perfect pair of non-suede heels, and these fit the bill perfectly. Again, the heel isn’t too high at all, and the pointed toe adds a nice bit of class. They’re kind of like sock boots I guess, and I bloody love them. I wear them pretty much all the time; I feel so extra and I’m so here for it.

The final thing I wanna talk about is something I didn’t think I’d ever like – straight leg jeans. As previously mentioned in my mom jeans post, I’ve always been a skinny jeans gal. I probably always will be, but I’ve started branching out and finding new alternatives. Straight leg jeans are perfect for me, they’re so comfortable and have a lot more room in them. My legs don’t feel like they’re being contained anymore. They’re not as difficult to style as I thought either, and I reach for my skinny jeans very rarely now.

I am obsessed with the New Look Harlow jeans; I found some in the sale for £7 and couldn’t believe how comfortable they were when I tried them on. I’ve been wearing them loads – to work, at home, they’re perfect for everything. I feel so stylish when I wear my Harlow jeans and one of my blazers – a combination I wouldn’t have dreamed of attempting last year. I also saw these flared jeans on ASOS and bought them straight away – they’re so fitted on my thighs and flare out slightly at the bottom, the frayed hem giving them a nice edgy vibe. If I could wear these jeans every day, I would. But I’d get told off at work for it.

Of course, since initially writing and planning this post, my wardrobe has grown yet again with more pieces I’m loving for autumn-time. You’ll be seeing a lot of new things on my Instagram over the next little while, and I’ve decided to use this post just as the basics for my autumn wardrobe, as opposed to every single thing I’m gonna wear.

What pieces are you loving for autumn?

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