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Living in leopard print

Remember when stripes came back into style and everyone went crazy for like 2 months? This is that, but better. 

Leopard print is taking over the world right now and I am so here for it. Everywhere you look, there’s bloggers and instagrammers rocking all styles of leopard print, in every way possible. I am embracing this trend way more than I’ve ever embraced any others; I am living and breathing leopard print.

I feel like leopard print has always been a stylish print; I’ve always loved it and, for as long as I can remember, I’ve had at least one leopard print item in my wardrobe at any given time. Now? It is completely taking over my wardrobe. I hadn’t realised how much I actually loved it until I was seeing it everywhere, and couldn’t resist making even more purchases.

I had it in my head for a while that leopard print wasn’t an acceptable work print, I have no idea why, and since I’m only ever at work, I didn’t wear leopard print. So it did take me a while to even buy into the trend but once I did, the flood gates were open and a leopard print monster was released. As I’m writing this, I sit proudly in my leopard print blazer at work, owning it. I genuinely own one of everything except underwear, and I’m pretty proud of myself for it. My leopard print need has well and truly been satisfied, and I think everyone will be proud to know that I’ve deleted all shopping apps from my phone. Because I am done.

I don’t normally like buying into trends, it feels like after a few weeks/months, everyone is over it and you never see any of the stuff again. Thankfully, that’s not really how I do things given that I can’t afford to keep up with every single trend in the world ever. So all of my leopard print items will be here to stay, and you can expect to see them a lot over the next year or so.

So, here’s a run down of everything that is going to be featuring in my A/W wardrobe this year that is leopard print (warning, there’s quite a lot), how I style them and all the product links you could ever need. I have given myself quite the task here.


I’ve become super obsessed with blazers recently, and this is the most recent addition to my wardrobe. It embraces everything I love right now, and jazzes up an otherwise plain outfit. I tend to wear this with monochrome pieces, so I don’t take away from the gorgeous-ness of the blazer. A subtle pop of red in the form of a belt, earrings or lip colour (or all three) never goes amiss either. Something about red and leopard print is so fierce and a colour/print combo I love to wear.


A really easy, really basic styling piece that works for every occasion. I could wear it under a black blazer to work, or with my denim jacket on a more casual day. I’m a bigger fan of jeans than skirts but this tshirt would also look good with a little black skirt, or a neutral toned one like my pinky-nude coloured leather skirt. It comes quite oversized, which I loved because it meant I had enough wiggle room to tie it into a knot; something I’ve been doing with virtually every tshirt.


This is one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe and I just can’t stop wearing it. It goes so nicely with my baby blue blazer and black jeans, if I’m trying to wear it to be more work appropriate. For nights out, I love to wear it with a lacy bralet/bodysuit and leave it unbuttoned slightly, so you can see the lace. It’s so gorgeous and I feel so confident when I wear it like that, even if I don’t really have the boobs for it.


If you’re a bit scared of leopard print and don’t really want to go all out, the belt will do you. It fits perfectly with an all black outfit, or any other monochrome combination, but I’ve also found that I love wearing it with my camel coloured jumper. I also want to make mixing animal prints a thing, so I think it could look pretty stylish paired with my snakeskin shirt. I did have to poke extra holes in this New Look belt as it’s a hip belt (why do they even exist) as opposed to a waist belt, so bear that in mind when sizing!


I am a little bit petrified of these, not gonna lie, but I also really, really love them. I’ve been too self-conscious to actually wear these out of the house (until taking these photos) but when designing flaylays for them, I thought they’d go so nicely with pretty much any white or black shirt, any white or black tshirt and any white or black jumper. A braver person would even attempt to wear them with something colourful, but I think we’ll leave it at monochrome for now.

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Getting this skirt was a bit of a hassle given I wasn’t in the country, ordered about 3 different sizes, and had no idea which one would actually fit. I ended up keeping the size 6, and although it can be a bit tight around my waist, I prefer how it sits on my legs. The slit can be a little high up sometimes but I think if I’m careful or I paperclip the skirt together (fashun) I should be fine. I like to wear this with just plain tshirts or jumpers – I feel like anything leopard print deserves to be the focal point of the outfit, and that’s how I live my life.


I’ve had so many questions about these boots and requests for links – unfortunately I got these before the leopard print hysteria broke out, so they’re out of stock! They were from ASOS last winter so hopefully they’ll bring out something similar. If not, hopefully I’ve managed to find some nice alternatives! As with the belt, I love mixing other animal prints (aka snakeskin) with these, since they are a more understated leopard print product. There’s so many possibilities with these – skirts, jeans, trousers, dresses; of any colour or style. They’ve been a staple in my wardrobe for about a year, and hopefully for many more years to come.


This was also an item from last year, when teddy coats were all the rage and everybody and their mum had a fluffy leopard print jacket. I can’t wait to wear it outside again though, when it gets properly cold. I never used to get excited about jackets or winter or anything, but I wasn’t wearing the right jackets. Or is it a coat? What is really the difference? Anyway, given that most of my clothes are plain colours or monochrome, I find it really easy to wear this jacket. I would probably even, dare I say it, double up on the leopard print with the boots or the shirt. Maybe. We’ll see. That might be a huge fashion faux pas.

So I think that’s it! I’ve probably forgotten something, as always, due to the fact I own way too much leopard print. I must say though, being known for having too many leopard print items of clothing isn’t a bad way to go. I’m clearly owning it, having written a lookbook of everything leopard print I own.

What trends are you loving right now?

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