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3 ways to wear a midi skirt

Midi skirts have always been a no-go for me – I didn’t know how to style them, how to make them suit me and my individual style, or where to even START with pairing them with shoes. That just seemed impossible. I would just be a silent admirer of the people that were cool enough to wear them and hoped that one day, I would feel the same. Well, ladies and gentlemen, that day has come. Lauren is trying to wear midi skirts, and she’s only gone and found 3 alternate ways to wear them.

The midi skirt I’ll be using for the purposes of this post is a super plain and casual but gorgeous black wrap midi skirt from ASOS – I also featured it in my Autumn style staples post so hopefully you’ll be familiar with it. As I mentioned in that post, I sized down on the midi skirt so it’s actually a size 6. I can do the button up, although it is slightly uncomfortable, but it stays up quite well just with the ties. I preferred how the smaller sizes looked on my legs; they sat a lot nicer and showed a little bit more leg, which I like. I do have to be super careful when it’s windy though. Or just wear nice pants.

I’ve spent a good few weeks just trying on different pieces with this skirt, trying to incorporate it into my style and my wardrobe as well as I can. I don’t want to push myself too far out my comfort zone, but I do still want to push the boundaries of my style and experiment a bit more. So I’ve tried to choose pieces that are classic Lauren, to make the transition a bit easier. All links* will be included at the end!

Look #1
midi skirt, slogan tshirt, chelsea boots, trends, how to style
midi skirt, slogan tshirt, chelsea boots, trends, how to style

The first look is super casual and very transitional – for those autumnal days when the sun is out and it’s not cold enough that you want to die. I’m a big fan of slogan tshirts and have quite the collection, and tshirts were my first choice when deciding what to wear with the skirt. They’re just so easy and simple, but instead of choosing a plain tshirt I wanted to jazz it up a bit. I could probably pick any one of my slogan tshirts and it would look great. I picked this one because it’s funny and I’ve not worn it enough – as the pettiest person in the world, I am wearing it like a badge of honour. You just have to, don’t you?

As I mentioned earlier, the one thing I struggled with in terms of styling midi skirts was shoes. I didn’t think I could get away with wearing my classic Chelsea boots without looking like a farmers daughter or something, but surprisingly, it looked okay! I feel most comfortable in boots like this, just plain black and simple. I wear boots all year round and realising that the midi skirt did actually look good with them made me feel a lot better about it.

midi skirt, slogan tshirt, chelsea boots, trends, how to stylemidi skirt, slogan tshirt, chelsea boots, trends, how to style

Look #2 
midi skirt, leopard print, suede boots, trends, how to stylemidi skirt, leopard print, suede boots, trends, how to style

The second look is a bit fancier, a bit nicer, and something I’d wear to work or out for casual drinks. In-keeping with the trends, I’ve chosen my leopard print shirt to pair with this. The print on this shirt isn’t the usual leopard print that you see plastered everywhere, I think it has much nicer tones to it and it’s a good way of doing the leopard print trend, but still standing out. I love this shirt to death and have found it really easy to integrate into my work and casual wardrobe – same with the skirt!

Upping the shoe game now and styling some small suede heels – these are always my go-to heels of choice because they’re not too high and don’t hurt my feet. I’m rubbish and walking in heels and feel like I’m carrying a load of extra weight when I do wear them, which is the only way I can describe it. I’ve wanted to start wearing them more so I look and feel more sophisticated, but so far I’ve just not bothered. I’ve learned I can drive in them though, which is pretty exciting considering I can barely drive in flat shoes!

midi skirt, leopard print, trends, how to style, suede bootsleopard print, trends, midi skirt, how to style, suede boots

Look #3

midi skirt, how to style, trends, chunky jumper, conversemidi skirt, chunky jumper, converse, how to style

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The final look is a super casual and cosy combination of a chunky jumper and the midi skirt. I wasn’t sure how this was gonna look initially, but I didn’t bring anything else to pair with it so even if it looked shit, we were still gonna shoot it. Thankfully, it looks completely adorable and I already want to wear it again. This Monki jumper is gonna be a staple in my wardrobe for autumn; it’s so simple yet so beautiful and I’m already enjoying styling it. Monochrome knit jumpers are a must-have in everyone’s A/W wardrobe.

I went for some converse with this look to tie in the white/cream colours, and I think I felt most comfortable in this shoe choice. This outfit felt the most ‘me’ out of all of them – you just can’t beat a pair of old, beaten up Converse. It’s a shame I wouldn’t get away with wearing them at work, otherwise this outfit would definitely become one of my most worn.

midi skirt, chunky jumper, trends, styling, how to stylemidi skirt, chunky jumper, styling, trends, how to style

I’m still warming up to the idea of midi skirts, and have a black pleated Primark one that I’m yet to wear. I can’t help but feel like a pilgrim when I wear it? I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong – I think it’s just strange to see myself in something that I had never considered wearing before.

I’m determined to make midi skirts one of my staples for autumn though; at the start of the year, I wrote about wanting to develop my personal style past jeans and a tshirt and that’s what we’re trying to achieve now! Only taken me 8 months…

How do you like to style midi skirts?

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midi skirt, edinburgh, slogan tshirt, asos styling, trends, fashion


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