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Outtakes and unseen holiday photos

The outtakes posts have to be my favourites to put together. Although the writing is minimal and it’s very image based, it’s so much fun to basically take the piss out of myself for all to read. Plus, I like to keep it real and ‘real’ isn’t always glam holiday snaps. Well, as glam as you can be holding a pigeon.

I’ll apologise for the quality of these photos now – I did try to edit them but because they’re all iphone photos, the quality just went way down. So we’re very much keeping it raw and unedited here, and they’ll probably still be shit quality. Oh well!

Currently thinking – why did i suggest climbing all those stairs

She came and sat here AS WE WERE TAKING PHOTOS. Honey please

The signal that translates to “ok we’re done there’s people waiting”

Be careful who you ask to take your couple pics

Now, when did i grow double d’s??

Always giggling when bae is behind the camera

He always takes unflattering photos of me jumping off shit

How excited i am about volcanoes


Did a wee twirl in front of Vesuvius, how poetic

“am i doing it??”

“is this what it feels like to be a quality street”

the sudden realisation that your nice outfit photo is ruined by the sweaty shirt you’re holding

“take a pic of me sleeping”

tired and sweaty and FED UP

trying to find a photo of Max not clapping is impossible

See Also

he wouldn’t take a nice photo of me


bugs, bugs everywere

could so easy be meme’d

i had a hat so thought i didn’t need sunglasses

worst. experience. of. my. life

my 2 greatest loves – max and pizza

boutta drop the pizza

Hope you enjoyed a bit more of an insight into our holiday, past all the stuff on instagram and all the ugly photos I filtered out! And that concludes all the travel post I had planned for this month – I’ve had so much fun piecing them all together and re-living our holiday. It feels like months ago that we were actually there and living this, and it also doesn’t feel like me in the photos. If that even makes sense! Holidays, for me, always feel like a dream afterwards.

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Do you have any holidays planned this year?

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