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48 hours in Milan

We’re onto the last part of our trip, and the last travel post of this little series. It’s been fun re-living it and organising all the photos – it was a strange holiday, we both felt super stressed with all the travelling and unknown areas so there was a lot of unnecessary bickering, but we can both still appreciate what a good trip it was and how lucky we were to do some of the things we got to do. We ended the holiday in Milan, where we spent just over 48 hours.

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As always, day one was the travel day. We left Naples at 8am and got our flight at midday, arriving into Milan Bergamo mid-afternoon. We found it super easy to get a bus to Milan Centrale station, it was easily signposted and about a million buses you could get that go to the exact same place. We had to pick up our keys from the letting office near Centrale and then get the metro over to our apartment. The guy in the letting office was really nice and told us exactly how to get there, I’d already worked it out on the bus from the airport but felt really smug that I had actually gotten it right. Milan was the one place we didn’t have a crisis travelling to our accommodation.

After settling in and breathing for a bit, we went out for a wander. Max took us to the Wall Street bit (not what it’s called but it’s basically offices like Wall Street, stock exchanges and stuff I don’t understand) because there’s a statue with a middle finger on it. Super weird, but really funny and we took some photos there. We really, really struggled with dinner in Milan. Turns out we arrived during some sort of national holiday so almost everything was shut, apart from the restaurants where you pay £30 a head and you’re super close to all the tourist attractions. We wandered for about an hour with no luck and both of us feeling very frustrated, and eventually settled on a tiny little Indian restaurant. It was microwaved right in front of us, but it was cheap (20 euros) and we bought snacks from the supermarket afterwards so it was fine.

On our only full day in Milan, Max took us to the Museum of Science and Technology to see the Leonardo da Vinci stuff. I didn’t find it all that interesting but Max had the best time ever, he’s a product designer so learning about all the different materials and how they’re used was right up his street. We didn’t actually go out until midday because we were both so tired from the rest of our holiday that we mutually agreed on a long lie, so by the time we got out of the museum it was about 4pm. We then headed over to the Duomo; and this is the part in the blog post that the warnings start.

I didn’t enjoy the Duomo at all. As soon as we got there, we were hounded by people trying to sell us things and forcing their stuff onto us, therefore forcing us to pay for it. One guy grabbed Max’s arm to tie a bracelet onto it, and whilst I stood next to him, not wanting to lose him in the crowds, I was also captured, there was no escape. Fortunately, we didn’t carry cash at all in Italy, we just used a Eurocard that we got from EasyJet and took money out for travelling to and from airports. These guys obviously didn’t know that, we gave them 3 euros and pretty much ran away after telling them we don’t use cash.

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We then tried to take some photos in front of the Duomo, and I was forced to feed some pigeons which was fucking rank. Pigeons?! Really?! The worlds saddest excuse for an animal?! He grabbed my hand whilst I was getting a photo and put the feed in my hand, and told Max to take photos whilst shouting at me to smile and not cry because there were pigeons on my arm. PIGEONS. Then he did the same to Max whilst I took the photos, and a second guy came over and made us take a photo together with those disgusting birds and they kept telling us to kiss. By this point, we had 80 cents cash left and they were not happy when we showed them that’s all we have. They had the cheek to ask for 20 euros, for something we didn’t want, so be wary of this when you go there. Either don’t carry cash with you, hide it, or be very, very stern with them and tell them where to go.

For dinner, we had both had enough of being outside, so I downloaded UberEats on my phone and we ordered pizzas to the apartment. It was absolutely the right decision and I don’t feel like we missed out by not having a proper outside meal in Milan. It was the best dinner ever and I was so happy to be comfortable, not walking, and eating good food with Max. The perfect end to our holiday.

We left on the Sunday, but our flight wasn’t until the evening. We were able to leave our luggage at the letting office near Centrale, and then we headed into the station for some lunch. We were both so exhausted that we just didn’t want to go and see anything else, so we got the airport bus to Malpensa from the opposite side of the train station from where we were dropped off. We got the airport really early, but were still able to check in and we just went and got an early dinner before going to the gate and boarding.

We didn’t see a lot of Milan, but I still really enjoyed it. It’s a lovely area and I felt safe everywhere – if only everything wasn’t shut for the week we were there, we might’ve had a nicer experience. Tap water here is also totally safe to drink, just watch out for the tourist scams around the Duomo and presumably the other main tourist areas.

Have you ever visited Milan?

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