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What i wore this week #2 – transitional workwear

It’s that time again – time to slave over flatlays for hours on end and throw a hissy fit when they don’t look right. I really enjoyed the last What I wore this week post that I did on my casual workwear, so I’ve decided to go for edition number 2. This time I’m gonna be chatting through my transitional workwear – how I’m changing it up for this weird time of year where it’s not cold but not exactly warm anymore either. This is one of my favourite times of the year; when it’s all about the blazers, earthy tones and chunky jumpers. I live for it.

Monday 10/09/18

Kickstarting the week with some products I was sent by I Saw It First – they kindly offered to send me some bits to style on my instagram and I loved them, so I wore them to work. I posted the below outfit selfie on my instagram on Monday (before deciding I was gonna do this post) and everybody agreed it’s literally the perfect knit for autumn. It has one of those slash necks which I’m finding really flattering, and I sized up so it would be a bit more oversized. I like having the sleeves fall over my hands, or I like to roll them up so the sleeves go all bunched.

I kept it super simple and comfy, because you just have to be on a Monday, so chose some skinny jeans that were also sent to me by I Saw It First. Choosing jeans as a collaboration item is quite scary because I’ve gained a bit of weight and gone up a size or two in jeans, and when you’ve never tried the brand before, it’s a risky game! Thankfully they fit like a glove and they’re super comfortable for skinny jeans. Paired with my staple Chelsea boots, I’m in love with this outfit and it’s set me up for a pretty good week.

JUMPER* // BELT* // JEANS* // BOOTS (similar)*

Tuesday 11/09/18

Yesterday was a good day, so by default, today sucks. I am in one hell of a mood today and just want to roll home and get into bed. Outfit-wise, I wore another look from I Saw It First, but I bought this one myself. Whilst searching for what outfit I would like to style, I came across this super cheap and super cute jumper dress and thought I’d just place a cheeky wee order outside of my gifted products. This dress was only £10 and fits exactly how you would want a jumper dress to fit – super slouchy but tight in all the right places i.e. bum.

I decided to give it a bit more shape with the classic red ASOS circle belt, and because it’s cold AF it was time to pull the tights back out again. I don’t normally wear dresses or skirts to work because I hate wearing tights, for some reason. I don’t find they suit me very much but I’m never brave enough to go without. I will admit this dress looks pretty cute with tights and the same chelsea boots I wore yesterday – it’s such a simple and comfortable outfit that I actually feel good in.

DRESS* // BELT* // BOOTS (similar)*

Wednesday 12/09/18

I’m really trying to limit my leopard print wearing so nobody at work realises what a leopard print freak I am. I’m well impressed that the first sign of any was on Wednesday – go me. This shirt has to be my favourite thing in my wardrobe right now, I’m obsessed with the print and the tones of it. It’s so pretty and flattering on my skin tone, plus everybody needs a leopard print shirt in their wardrobe. It’s a must.

I styled it with some classic black skinny jeans and black Chelsea boots, and my favourite black ASOS circle belt. Because this is a transitional workwear post, I’ve included my denim jacket. I pretty much didn’t take this off all day because it’s so bloody cold, but it’s definitely my favourite piece for layering when it gets to this time of year. A good denim jacket is also a must have!

SHIRT* // BELT* // JEANS* // JACKET (similar)* 

Thursday 13/09/18

So close to the end of the week. I’m really struggling to stay motivated and happy this week, and I can’t wait for it to be the weekend so I can properly throw myself into blog work. My favourite cream jumper finally came out of the wash last night so I laid it out ready to go the next morning. I do try to plan my outfits the night before, but it never seems to really work out for me. The days where I take ages deciding what to wear are the days I’m latest – I could probably be in work for like 8 most days if I knew exactly what to wear.

Keeping it simple, again, and I wore the jumper with my favourite skinny jeans and adding a pop of colour with my red ASOS circle belt; it matches the lipstick I wore perfectly today. I switched it up with footwear today because I was feeling quite brave, and I dug out the grey Missguided western style boots. These do pinch my toes a little when I first put them on, so either they get more comfortable or my feet go numb because by midday, it’s totally fine. I’m loving this colour palette today.

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Friday 14/90/18

Today is my favourite outfit of the week I think, even though it’s so simple and easy. I’ve gone for leopard print again, and only 2 appearances this week makes a change as it’s normally everyday that I’m wearing something leopard print. I wore a tshirt today, and this tshirt is not something I’ve worn a lot because I’ve favoured other items over it. I had a vision for this outfit last night though, and I’m so happy it came out the way I wanted it to.

I wore this tshirt with the same black skinnies I’ve been wearing all week; they’re so easy to wear and I genuinely wear them every day. Then I layered the tshirt with a plain black blazer, and it sounds like the easiest outfit in the world but I just love it. I feel quite powerful, to be honest. I think a blazer is a must have in everyone’s wardrobe – I prefer the loose fitting, casual blazers as opposed to the more structured ones, but I have a feeling I may expand my collection soon.


I love putting these posts together – this one more than the last one, as I have a better idea of my sense of style and I branched out with my photography instead of sticking to a bog standard flatlay. I could probably do one of these every single week, but you all might get tired and I think I definitely would as well. I just love sharing my style as it grows and develops – plus it’s a nice way to keep track of all the outfit combinations that I’m digging!

What’s your favourite thing to style right now?

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