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3 days in Prague

It’s been a few weeks since we got back from our little European summer adventure, and I figured I’d give you the run down of what we did in each of the places we visited; Prague, Naples and Milan. These were all completely new places for myself and Max, although we’d been to Italy once before, and we really loved exploring the local areas and learning what to do, what not to do and what the food was like. Prague was our first stop on the list!

The first day was a travel day; our flight was late afternoon and we arrived into Prague in the evening. I had messaged our AirBnb host previously to ask for tips on getting to the apartment, which we stupidly ignored and just got an airport express bus to the train station. We planned on just walking to the apartment, but the way Google Maps told us to go was along a highway with no pavement. We ended up having to go all the way around the highway, an extra 30 mins out of our way, and we eventually got to our Airbnb at about 9. The host was lovely though, totally understanding and didn’t mind waiting for us. She also sent us recommendations of places to eat and things to see, which was really lovely.

On day two, we went out to see some sights. It was kind of just an aimless walking tour of Old Town and it was a bit rainy, which wasn’t great. We visited the torture museum which I thought I’d love, given my interest in all things serial killer. I actually found it a bit of a difficult environment to be in so we didn’t spend long there; I dunno if it was maybe my blood sugar levels or it was too warm in there or what. For lunch, we got the most amazing street pizza on a really busy street opposite Charles Bridge, which cost 50czks aka about £2 for a huge slice. The street was packed with food and souvenirs, so it’s a good place to visit. We had dinner in a pub near our apartment which did classic Czech food, I had a non classic meal consisting of a chicken burger and chips but max had beef goulash; I tried a bit and it was actually pretty tasty. The whole meal (plus 3 pints between us) cost us about 400czks, or £18, which is amazing. I would advise everyone to try and go outside the tourist areas for evening meals, it’ll be much, much cheaper.

We decided to cross Charles bridge and explore the other side on day three; we went to see the John Lennon wall (a must-do) and climbed up to Prague Castle. We didn’t bother paying to go into the Castle or anything like that, we were happy to sit inside the gardens and admire the view of the city, which was absolutely beautiful. We got lunch from a little burger van that did chips for 50czks each which was pretty good. We made a big mistake with dinner this time round; we didn’t check the prices properly and ended up paying £4 a pint. Yikes. We didn’t have enough cash on us for a tip so had to dine and dash before the waiter realised we had given him a pretty shit tip. It was a shame because it was a lovely place and we both enjoyed our meals a lot, the atmosphere was really cosy.

On our last day in Prague we went out for breakfast to a place called Mujsalekkavy, which was recommended to us by our host. I had a smoothie bowl and max had an omelette, we bought my dad some coffee which put the price up to 800czks (originally 400 for the food and drink) which was a bit steep for breakfast, but we needed to get rid of the money anyway. We strolled around and went back over to get the same street pizza for lunch, then sat near Charles Bridge for an hour or so before coming back to the apartment to nap. We had dinner at the Indian restaurant next to our apartment, which was the best meal I had the whole time. It was 500czks for us to share a korma, with the rice and poppadoms and naan bread, which isn’t so bad!

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In terms of everything else – supermarket food was super cheap but I would definitely recommend learning a few basic Czech words, such as hello and thank you. Most staff seemed rude when we didn’t know how to say the basics in Czech, and rightly so. We tried to learn but found it a bit too hard; I wish we’d tried harder because I know it’s a basic sign of respect. Bad move on our part there. Most people did seem to speak English anyway so we found communicating no problem most of the time, but still, teach yourself a few words. I think they’ll appreciate it more. Tap water was also safe to drink, I did a lot of research to make sure we weren’t unnecessarily buying plastic bottles and both myself and Max felt fine drinking it.

Overall, I hate to say this, but I didn’t enjoy Prague as much as I thought I would. It felt a bit badly laid out, we struggled to know where we were going and didn’t find as much to do as I thought we would. I think I saw Prague as being quite similar to Budapest, but it’s quite a different story when you get there! Because we’d had such a good experience in Budapest, we both had very high expectations for the first leg of our trip, and it didn’t quite live up to it. It’s still a beautiful city, and I definitely preferred the side with Prague Castle to the highly commercialised side we were staying on.

We only had a few days in Prague, and so I thought we’d be rushed off our feet and struggling to fit everything in. Instead, I feel like we’ve done everything we wanted to do and I don’t think, at the moment, we have any need to go back.

Have you ever visited Prague?

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